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Random Hotness II: Hotness' Revenge

When, I last I posted one of these I talked about Angelina Jolie and Wanted. Well, I saw it, and it is actually a good film. While, utterly ridiculous and unbelievable, the movie is fun, break neck paced, and has lots of gory headshots. Freeman is awesome, as he is always is, and the lead character is pretty annoying at first but then redeems himself. Plus, we get nude Angelina Jolie ! A butt shot this time! Yum! Actually, she just exudes sexuality throughout the movie. The film , by the way, gets the film a *** out of ****.

While, I declared Olivia Munn the Asian babe of the month, to me the most beautiful babe on G4 is Kristin Holt . Personally, I think she is way hotter than the overrated Morgan Webb. Anywho, her only fault? She is a Republican! Oh well, I guess she ain't perfect. But, good God does she have amazing legs:

Finally, I just found the ravishing Kara Tai through THE best blog for fans of Asian porn stars. Anywho, she is absolutely gorgeous . And, she already is proving to care what her fans think with an awesome blog site. Check it out! Anyways, I find her to be one of the most beautiful women I have seen in a long time. I think I maybe in love ! But, in all seriousness, I will need to see some of this Miami goddess' work and hopefully, so will you!