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My 5 Favorite Superhero Films of All Time

Hellboy II came out last weekend (still need to see it), and this Friday, The Dark Knight comes out. Both have the chance of being one of the greatest superhero films, ever. But, in honor of that, I give to you, my top five and the reasons, they are in my top five.

1. - As I have mentioned before here, I was never an Iron Man, that is until I saw this film. The character was bought to life perfectly. A womanizing, alcoholic, ass-kicker, and rich guy that saves the world. What is there not to like? The acting is great, the script excellent, the action awesome, the FX killer. The pacing is perfect. In all this is a perfect film. I mean I must have geekgasmed, God knows how many times. The best superhero film, ever. End of story.

2. - This would be king, had not been for a little bit of a slow start, but mostly because of Katie Holmes, who has ZERO acting talent. She really is what stops this film from being perfect. That said, the movie is dark and stunning, with some great villains, acting, set design, action, and dialogue. Plus, Bale IS Batman.

3. - What can be said about a sequel that tops the excellent original? The character interaction is great. I love Wolverine going all berserker. And, there are lots of hotties, including, one of my favs, Kelly Hu. An awesome movie, that sadly, was followed by a disappointing third film. In fact the only that sux in this film is Halle Berry.

4. - This could have been a train wreck, but the killer FX and action give it a must see quality, as does the acting (well with one exception...). This and the sequel got the persecution of the X-Men, right. But, Berry sux in this one, too.

5. T- Now, I know some of you, if not most of you, are shocked at this pick, but hey this is my list, right? First and foremost Punisher is my fav superhero, period. And, with that said, sure this film changed some shit from Frank Castle's origin like making him an FBI agent and moving the action from New York (where most Marvel Comics take place) to Florida, but one change was good, IE, killing ALL his family, not just wife and two kids. Thomas Jane WAS the Punisher, in this film, much in the same way Robert Downey Jr. IS Iron Man. Much, of the film is taken from the classic Welcome Back Frank storyline. The humor was in the book, as was the supporting cast of Frank's neighbors. The graphic violence helps to give this highly underrated film an extra-kick in the ass. Not very excited for the reboot picture that comes out later this year, though...