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The First Batch of Chiller Guests

Well, the first batch of Chiller (http://www.chillertheatre.com) is up, and it is already looking fucking awesome.

I have been going to Chiller for years, and in the last year even managed to get other friends into the whole experience. And, even though, at least one of them is not a horror fan, the fun factor at Chiller is amazingly, where just about anyone (who is not closed mind or an ass) can have a great time.

At this point it is too early to tell you who are a definite for me to meet. I mean as the guest list grows, I may have to change my mind, as I need to leave money to get all of the cool swag at Chiller, not to mention eat and what not.

That said; let me talk about good possibilities for me to up to:

Nora Greenwald- Been a fan of hers since her days as Mona in WCW. She was great as Molly Holly, but alas the WWE sux ass and let her go, thought, it was nice to see her on the Raw Anniversary Show. Besides, being natural beautiful (I prefer my girls to have “real” beauty, no fucking implants, thank you), she can actually wrestle.

Mick Foley- The king of hardcore and fellow NYer, Mick is the man, or is it god? Hell in the Cell with the Undertaker remains my all time fav match. His first book is a great read, too, as is his children’s Christmas book. BTW, go get his latest DVD for the WWE. Fucking amazing!

Ami Dolenz- Yes, she is Micky (he of the Monkeys) Dolenz’s daughter. In the 90s, I had a major thing for her as she was hot and did lots of horror films. Ticks was pretty cool, but good God Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings was fucking filth! Even w/ Linnea Quigley and Soliel Moon Frye that movie sucked monster dick. Anyways, been wanting to meet Ami since I was a kid, but supposedly her (former?) agent did not let her do cons. Well, she is doing one now, so yay!

Finally last year I met Gail Kim. She was such a nice person and so pleasant to talk to. That and she is fucking hot as hell, itself. I even joked about how she is my future wife. :p So, I just think you need to get your ass over to her table and meet her.