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Exodus- The Atrocity Exhibition- Exhibit A

This Exodus is the second album with Rob Dukes, the third signer the thrash metal legends have had in their illustrious careers. With this album, I really think Rob has come into his own, as far as his place in Exodus is concerned.

The album opens with the instrumental Call to Arms. It then rips into the blistering Riot Act, the first single off the album, and just proceeds to run right over you like a Mack truck being driven at thunderous speeds. Songs like Funeral Hymn, Children of a Worthless God, and The Atrocity Exhibition exhibit the best aspects of classic thrash metal: fast, heavy, and pissed off.

Technically the band sounds tight with fast, ripping guitar riffs, pounding drums, and blistering leads. The talents of both guitarists Gary Holt and Lee Altus are at full order, here. Lyrically, the album is mostly anti-Christian, although the aforementioned Children of a Worthless God is anti-Islam.

Whatever the case maybe, Exodus prove they stand the test of time. While, some thrash legends like Metallica have abandoned the genre; Exodus have stood to their guns and delivered an awesome, ear bleeding experience. It should be dually noted that the slip cover hides the original artwork, which I guess was deemed offensive by some moron. Whatever the case maybe, the cool looking artwork rounds this must have for thrash metal fans everywhere. **** out of *****