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Directed by: Ahn Byong Ki

Written by: Ahn Byung-Ki & Lee Yu-Jin

Cinematography by: Moon Yong-Shik (K.S.G.)

Music by: Lee Sang-Ho
Cast: Ha Ji-Won, Eun Suh-Woo, Choi Woo-Je, Kim Yu-Mi

2004/ 100 min/ color/ Korean

Pretty, investigative reporter Ji-Won (Ha Ji-Won) has published a controversial article concerning sex scandals. She begins to receive threats via her cell-phone. But, then shit starts to get weird. Her lovely friend’s little daughter answers the phone and begins to go whack-o. Soon, people start to die, and the mystery of the terrifying phone calls begins to unravel.

OK, let’s not mince words. This film rips-off RINGU. But, hey, guess what? Unlike the many horror films that do, this one is actually quite good. The movie has some really creepy moments and is well directed. It keeps you glued to what is going onscreen. Like most films in this sub-genre, there is no real gore to speak of, but it still has a few memorable scenes here and there. Some of the stuff involving the little girl is actually pretty shocking. No new ground is broken, but at least it proves that even well-worn stories can be done right, if done by people with actual talent.

The actual revelations and twists made in the film are kind of groaners, but again, they do work within the context of the film. The acting is strong and the characterizations well done. The girls are pretty, but the only nudity comes from images on a computer screen.

The Tartan DVD release, of this, by the way, is absolutely gorgeous. *** out of ****


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