Entertainment Earth



All That Remains is undoubtedly one of the best metalcore bands out there, and they are an amazing live band. This ass kicking DDV definitely captures. Shot at two different shows, one in Philadelphia and the other at Baltimore, there is more than 90 minutes of live mosh inducing music. The picture quality is nice and sharp, while the sound and recording of the live event has a nice kick to it.

The extras on it really capture the fun of the band. Included are some cool interviews with band where we learn that signer Phil Labonte is influenced by the vocals in Grave, but yet, also like Fall Out Boy(?!). Plus, we see how much the fans love these guys (rightfully so) and even both guitarists playing Guitar Hero. All six of their videos are included, as well as a making of the video for my fav song of theirs, The Air That I Breathe. Throw in a photo gallery and you have a must have DVD for ATR fans. ***1/2 out of ****