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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2017, Pt. 6, 20-11

20. Chrysta Bell (new)- This stunning singer and actress played Agent Tammy on the new returning season of Twin Peaks. She also contributed to music and was reportedly David Lynch's muse. I would even argue that she was the most beautiful woman on the show, which is no small compliment whatsoever.

19. Christina Ochoa (new)- Christina Ochoa is truly one of the most beautiful women on God's green Earth. This breathtaking, Spanish beauty was amazing as Grace Argento on the fucking awesome Blood Drive. Had the show not been canceled, surely she would've ranked even higher on this list. Now, I know she is on Valor, but I tried said show and didn't like it. Also, it falls outside of this site's scope/ nature. Here is hoping she comes back to horror and soon!

18. Carter Cruise (last year #8)- Spunky, sexy, smart, and funny, the hot as fuck Carter Cruise continues to rule the porn world. She is fucking awesome and screws on camera like no body's business, which all amounts to why she in such high demand in the skin biz.

17. Olivia DeJonge (new)- This 19 year old Australian beauty was excellent in the phenomenal Christmas/ home invasion horror flick Better Watch Out. In fact, she is one of the best heroines in a horror film this entire year, as well as one of its most beautiful. As such, it is very easy to crush on her. Here is hoping she does more work in the genre in the very near future!

16. Trillium (last year #17)- The absolutely gorgeous Trillium moves up a spot and was the focus of an edition of this site's The Master's Spotlight, a few months ago. The feature proved very popular with you readers showcasing just how much we all love this smoldering, blonde babe with a butt to die for.

15. Catherine Corcoran (last year ranked 2014 #16)- The beautiful and wonderfully sweet Ms. Catherine Corcoran returns to the list and moves up a spot thanks to her role in the awesomely hilarious Return to Return to Nuke 'Em High AKA Vol. 2.

14. Chelsea Wolfe (last year ranked 2015 #29)- Chelsea Wolfe fucking rules. Seriously, her new album Hiss Spun is a fucking dark and heavy (in many forms of that word) masterpiece. Her music gets better album after album, as she makes modern classics left and right. Talent and exquisite beauty just pours out of every pore in her body. I love her and everything about her!

13. Asta Paredes (last year #14)- Moving up one spot is beautiful and immensely sweet horror actress Asta Paredes, who returned to her role in the aforementioned and utterly hilarious Return to Return to Nuke 'Em High AKA Vol. 2. Along with co-star Corcoran, they are funny and sexy as hell in one of the best movies Troma has ever made!

12. Melissa Benoist (last year #7)- Gorgeous Melissa Beniost drops a few spots only due to the over abundance of drama that they wish to incorporate into Supergirl. That and the fact that said drama is based around her relationship with Mon-El, perhaps the worst male character in the Arrowverse. Her acting still remains strong, though, and her beauty absolutely breathtaking.

11. Amanda Schull (last year #11- Amanda Schull, one of the most beautiful women in all of TV, moves up one spot, as her role of Cassie continues to be one of the most fascinating roles not just on this mind-blowingly amazing TV series, but in all of modern science fiction.

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