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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2017, Pt. 2, 60-51

60. Sophie Turner (last year #61)- Sophie Turner's character of Sansa on Game of Thrones continues to grow and develop becoming a more and more fascinating character after each and every season and, even, episode. This last season, in particular, was a great one for her character!

59. Cali Carter (new)- The gorgeous Cali Carter continues to garner more success and popularity in the adult world. And, rightfully so, may I add! Collecting various awards and nominations thanks to her exquisite beauty, hot as fucking hell body (tell me that ass isn't perfect!), and nasty and smoldering onscreen fucking, the sky is the limit for Cali's future!

58. Chyler Leigh (last year #62)- The Arrowverse is filled with relationships that I could give a flying fuck about. Chyler Leigh's character of Alex Danvers and Maggie (Floriana Lima), (both on Supergirl) I do actually like together and not just cause they look great together. Although, I could still use a little less drama...

57. Anna Bell Peaks (last year #64)- Sexy, smart, and beautiful Anna Bell Peaks is one of the biggest names in the skin world. She is a multi-award winner. In fact, at the 2017 Inked Awards, alone, she picked up 5 awards, as you can see them in the pic to the left!

56. Ali Larter (last year ranked 2008 #36)- The delicious Ali Larter makes a long overdue return to the list thanks to her role in the decently entertaining Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. That being said, I would be quite if this was actually the final chapter, although we horror fans know these never are...

55. Blanca Saurez (new)- This Spanish beauty was not only breathtaking in Spanish horror/ thriller/ dark comedy The Bar, but gave a hell of a performance. Said film, from genre master Alex de la Iglesia, is one of the year's very best. And, with that stunningly beautiful face, she is truly one of the world's most gorgeous women.

54. Garance Marillier (new)- At 19, this breathtaking French beauty is probably the youngest babe on this year's list. But, between her flawless acting in the excellent French horror drama Raw and her natural beauty, she more than deserves her spot.

53. Naomi Watts (new)- With the fucking awesome Twin Peaks: The Return, I was reminded just how much I love the still beautiful and ultra talented Naomi Watts. Her performance was so likable, and she so naturally beautiful, that I find it impossible to believe that I was alone in that feeling.

52. Danielle Panabaker (last year #58)- The gorgeous Danielle Panabaker moves up a couple of spots thanks to the awesome use of her as both Caitlin Snow and her bad girl alter ego Killer Frost on The Flash. In particular, you can thank anytime she is Frost, which is, quite honestly and ironically, hot as fuck!

51. Allison Williams (new)- One of the year's finest horror films, Get Out, featured a breakthrough from the thoroughly beautiful Ms. Allison Williams. I have been a long time admirer of her, but it was great to finally see her in a genre pic, especially one as excellent as this one.

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