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NYCC 2019- Friday, Part 2- The Further Adventures of Logan, Deadpool, and the X-Men!

Last time I showed the first part of highlights from my adventures cosplaying as Logan at New York Comic Con 2019 on Friday. Here then, is the second half of that, with more pics of me with my fellow X-Men!

First off here are a couple of pics with of me with my friends Nelson D. Martinez and Breezeski as Deadpool and Rogue respectively.

Speaking of Deadpool, he was a busy man at comic-con as was looking for some hijinks!

XayBlackLion as Daken!

The following four amazing pics were taken by the incredible Paul Williams Photography. These are such badass pics that I am blown away by them every time I see them. I am so happy and honored to have taken a part in them!

And, let us end with one more X-Men pic. This came one came from one of my friends, I believe:
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