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NYCC 2019- Thursday, Part 2: The Best in Cosplay

Last time I talked about some of my favorite toys and collectibles that I saw at New York Comic Con 2019 on Thursday. Now, it's time to show you some of my favorite cosplays! There was no where near as many cosplayers on this day compared to the other three. So, as I talked about in the previously mentioned articles, I am actually glad I saved this day to just be myself, not cosplay, and just do my shopping (on top of my usual reporting of things going on). Regardless, even though there wasn't a lot, there were some really awesome ones! Here go just a few that I feel are totally noteworthy:
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 Oh my God! This cosplay was so funny and cute! I loved it and declare it my favorite variation on this dinosaur cosplay.
 What does the Black Cat think about this pic?

 I love that this Rey is a prisoner!

 There were a lot of fat Thors this year, but this one might have been my favorite!

 Even doggies love NYCC! This beagle dressed as Pikachu was just too freaking adorable!
It's great to see some horror being repped with this kick and awesome Wrong Turn inspired bit of cosplay!

My day ended on a high-note with this gorgeous cosplayer that was doing a most excellent April O'Neil! First she posed with this awesome Uncle Fester, then took pics with fans, including yours truly! She was all smiles and a total sweetheart. 

Did any of you attend NYCC 2019 on Thursday? If so what did you see that you liked? And, if any of you are the cosplayers featured here or know them please tell me so that I may credit you or them. Just leave comments in the comment section below.

To be continued...