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Toxic Holocaust- Primal Future: 2019 (Album Review)

Musician: Toxic Holocaust
Album Title: Primal Holocaust: 2019
Genre/ Subgenre: Thrash metal/ Crossover Thrash
Label: Entertainment One (eOne)
Release Date: October 4, 2019

After a six year hiatus, with the last release being 2013's Chemistry of Conscious, Joel Grind's one-man crossover thrash machine of Toxic Holocaust is back with Primal Future: 2019. And, with it, he has crafted his best work yet! The fact that he sang, played all the instruments, mixed, and mastered it, makes this all the more impressive.

The crossover sound is at full blast in this kick your fucking teeth in release. Fast and furious, as the album title and cool as fuck album artwork, by Steve Crisp, hint at, the thematic element here is a dystopian technological conquest. And, like an attack from Skynet, this fucker will blow away!

The second track, "Black Out the Code", has a badass riff that truly drives this fucking killer banger, Lightning fast and shredding to the ninth degree, it recalls early Megadeth and Venom in its unrelenting fury. The mysterious and haunting intro to the title track feels like it would be right at home in a dystopian science fiction thriller like The Road Warrior or The Terminator. Then, the chugging music comes and you will not be able to resist to bang your head right along to it. The menacing and apocalyptic lyrics add a dark and terrifying feel in keeping with the technological terror theme. The full blown speed and metal fury of "Iron Cage" recalls a very technically sound version of Discharge. It's punk like heart will really please those lovers of crossover. The rollicking groove and vinegar and piss of "Controlled by Fear" makes for what is probably my favorite track on this one. It's sure to get that motherfucking pit going!
It has been way too long since we have had a Toxic Holocaust release, but with Primal Holocaust: 2019, they have surpassed all my expectations. Not only is the best album ever put out by TH, but one of the very best thrash releases of 2019. And, considering the releases we have had in this style of metal this year, this is no small feet. Recalling early Metallica and Megadeth, Venom, Nuclear Assault, Discharge, and others in various parts and tracks, this one is sure to please those who miss the glory days of metal's greatest subgenre. So throw on your denim battle jacket. get ready to jump in the pit, and listen to the fuck out of this absolute scorcher of a release!

4.5 out of 5