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Chiller Theatre: October 2019

Yesterday, October 26, 2019, my friends (Alan and Freddie) and I took another trip down to New Jersey for another edition of the best convention in the universe: Chiller Theatre! This Chiller had an insanely awesome guest list. It was stacked with cool celebs that we couldn't wait to meet. The result was one of the most fun and best Chillers ever (which honest to God is saying a lot!).

The first celeb that I went up was the beautiful Jordan Ladd. I had passed up on meeting her before, but that was no longer gonna happen! The star of Death Proof, Cabin Fever, Club Dread, and Grace was so friendly in person! She actually left her table and just started talking to us. She is a wonderfully sweet and down to earth beauty.
Next up were the gorgeous twins from Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, Camilla and Carey More. They were the people I was most excited to meet, being as they were my biggest Friday crushes growing up. I told them that I had huge, huge crushes on them as a kid. To which they said, "Aww!" They still look great!
Another person that I was super pumped in meeting was the absolutely beautiful Kassie DePavia of Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn fame. This still stunning actress (and Horror Crush on this site) was amazing in person! She was so sweet and friendly, as she talked to my friend Freddie and I for a bit. She has a southern drawl which despite living in New York City has not left her. I found it added even more to her natural charm. I told that she made my day, as I had such a crush on her as a kid. Meeting her was a one of the very top highlights of the con!
The last person, that I went up, on my own, was the stunningly beautiful Cynthia Gibb. I been a fan of hers forever, and yes, that means childhood crush. The star of Death Warrant, Jack's Back, and more is still breathtakingly gorgeous! She was all smiles and sweet, as I told her how much I loved Jack's Back (a very underrated horror/ thriller) and her interview on the Scream Factory Blu-ray. She thanked me and said she didn't remember doing the interview. That was a funny and cool highlight!
The next couple of stars I met, when they let us all join them in my friend Freddie's (the man of fine wrestling taste with the awesome AEW wrestling tee) pics:

Larry B. Scott of Revenge of the Nerds (there was a big reunion of that comedy classic) who was one of the coolest and nicest celebs of the entire show. This fellow New Yorker was a blast to talk to.
Bobbie Mannix is the amazing costume designer for the cult masterpiece The Warriors (for which there was an almost definitive reunion for going at the con!). She is such a wonderfully talented and sweet lady!
Timothy Busfield another one of the stars from Revenge of the Nerds, who was also extremely nice and friendly.
At some point later in the day, there was a fucking bomb scare that someone called in, apparently. They evacuated the hotel, so we headed out for dinner. After that we came back and all was back to normal and hours were extended.

Freddie went up to horror legend and all around goddess Cassandra Peterson, AKA Elvira! She is an ageless beauty with the sarcastic sense of humor that makes her so awesome! I must say that I was the happiest dude ever, as I had finally met Elvira (yet, another childhood crush)!
After that wen went up to Scott Ian and Charlie Benante of one of my utmost favorite bands ever, thrash metal gods and one of the Big Four: Anthrax! This led to other biggest highlight for me: Scott Ian being like we have met before right? I was so flattered that he remembered me from the time that I covered his and Keith Buckley's book reading at Saint Vitus. I mentioned that was were we had indeed met before. Seriously, you can't beat one of the founding members of one of your most favorite bands ever remembering you!
We, of course, hung at the party for a little while, where we had more fun! The Dead Elvi rocked the house, as they always do!

There was also some kick ass cosplay. Here are some of my favorites:
 My friend Maria always such awesome cosplays!

 This King Diamond fucking ruled!!!
Devil horns with motherfucking Satan!

Here is the swag that I got:
- I bought a copy of Screem magazine which won me a free copy of The Human Monster starring Bela Lugosi on Blu-ray
- the Amityville the Cursed Collection from Vinegar Syndrome (at their booth, of course): which comes with The Amityville Horror: The Evil Escapes, Amityville 1992: It's About Time (my favorite from these), Amityville: A New Generation, and Amityville: The Dollhouse (the only one I have not seen from this batch from the franchise).
And, here are the autographs:
- Camilla and Carey More
- and, Kassie DePavia, who signed my old Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn DVD (which was signed ages ago by Bruce Campbell, himself):

And, so ends another AWESOME edition of Chiller! Until April (which already can't fucking wait for), that is when we shall return!


Unknown said...

Another bomb scare? This is the second show of 2019 and both had bomb scares.Maybe in April 2020 they can monitor the telephone lines and catch this shithead.It is not a political show and this has to end.

Giovanni Deldio said...

Agreed. Two bomb scares are two too many.