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Keith Buckley and Scott Ian Book Reading at St. Vitus, Brooklyn, NY 5/11/16

Last night, May 11, 2016, I got to attend a Keith Buckley and Scott Ian book reading at Saint Vitus, as press. I had a great time, as both of them are cool as fucking hell!

Keith is the front-man of Every Time I Die and The Damned Things (a super-band that Scott is also in) and was the first to read. He read from his novel Scale: A Novel. It was quite entertaining and sounds like it is a very cool book about a musician. He did admit, later on, that parts of the book are inspired by real life, not surprisingly.

Then it was Scott's turn to come and do a little bit of reading/ talking of his own. The last time I saw the legendary rhythm guitarist of one of The Big Four of thrash metal, Anthrax, was at a book reading tour of his autobiography I'm the Man back in 2014. He said that he had done so many of these book readings and this was gonna be shorter, so he opted for something a little different. So, first he told some condensed stories.

But, he also gave a sneak peak into his next book with a little more added extra. This led to some great stuff involving Al Jougensen of Ministry, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, and Steven Spielberg! The later involves a great moment where the Ministry front-man told Spielberg that he thought he and his band were gonna be in a movie called AI, Anal Intrusion, not Artificial Intelligence as it was actually known. I would tell you more, but hey, you had to be there. Still, I figured I would share that much, cause it somehow mixes metal, porn, and Spielberg, and just felt perfect for this site!
They, of course, did a Q&A afterwards. The event actually ran over time. But, who is gonna complain with two legends as awesome as these two?! It was a fun, funny, and informative night, capped off by me finally buying the book and getting it signed, along with my copy of The Big 4 blu-ray (which had already been signed by fellow Anthrax member Frank Bello at NYCC some years back). Anyway, I can't wait to start reading Scott's book.