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Conquer Divide- Conquer Divide (Album Review)

Musician: Conquer Divide
Album Title: Conquer Divide
Genre/ Subgenre: Metalcore
Label: Artery Recordings 
Release Date: June 16, 2015

The self-titled debut album from all female metalcore group Conquer Divide is a catchy little bit of groove laden music. They worked with producer/ engineer Joey (Asking Alexandria, Blessthefall, Of Mice & Men) Sturgis, who really helped them catch a great sound on the album. The result is that it ranked in at #13 on the Billboard’s HeatSeeker charts.

The band does the duel vocal thing quite well. The melody filled signing parts are handled excellently by Kiarely Castillo. She has a great voice that is filled with emotion and not only recalls but rival's that of Paremore's Haley Williams. While, the screaming bits are aggressive and play a nice counterpart. The music is filled with hooks and rolling breakdowns which help to make the music really enjoyable and fun to listen to. 

In fact, I think the band is great at playing the melodic and more soothing against the heavier and more pounding parts. I do wish the bass was mixed in a little thicker but the do guitars sound great. They soar and crunch quite nicely. The catchy songs definitely make you wanna move and bang your head, and sometimes that's all one can ask for. 

Highlight songs including the rolling and melodic "Self Destruct" which plays the melody versus heavy aspect of the band excellently. The breakdowns are particularity kick ass on this one. "Nightmares" has a great and soaring intro that goes full steam in pounding heaviness. I love how Castillo's beautiful vocals play so well against the overall crunch of the song. Throw in some chainsaw guitar sounds and you have a real winner. Proving that the band is also quite good at keeping melodic throughout one song, the beautiful and emotion filled "What's Left Inside" (the latest single from the band) really ranks as one the best tracks on the entire album. The catchy chorus will be stuck in your head for days on end.

Conquer Divide's debut does not not break any real ground. But, what they do, they do quite well. Great signing and an awesome heavy vs. melodic sound, will makes this an album you'll want to listen to a lot. And, more than probably you'll also end up signing along to it. I know I have been both since I heard it. 

***1/2 out of *****