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Halestorm, Lita Ford, and Dorothy Live NYC 4/27/16

Let's begin this by me saying something some of you may know, but most probably don't: I am a HUGE Halestorm fan. They are one of my absolute favorite bands and hold a very special place in my heart. Their music means a lot to me as it touches me on a personal level. One that I connect to in just about every aspect. I been a fan since I first heard them, but I had not seen them since they played a free show in New York City's Webster Hall back in 2010. At that point, they were just about to break big, and they played an amazing free show. Jump forward to last year when my friend and I tried to see them play in Central Park. Sadly that show was cancelled due to an actual storm.
When I found they were playing Webster Hall this year (albeit in the bigger stage!), I knew I had to buy my ticket. Most interesting is that this was coincidentally, six years and just day removed from when I last saw them. It's good that I bought the tickets then and there, as it was a sold-out show. While, it's possible they may try to play Central Park again, this was, for all intents and purposes, a big return to NYC for them. And, man did they ever bring it! I had a truly amazing time, augmented by both my love for the band and their music, as well as the need for good times, following a few weeks after the passing of my beloved little toy poodle, Topacio (AKA Topi).
Anyway, that's enough of a backstory, let's get to talking about this killer concert. Opening the show was Dorothy. This was my first even hearing about this LA based band. But, damn are they ever good. They play great blues based hard rock. Their signer Dorothy Martin has such a beautiful and soulful voice. She is quite the performer, too, as she has a great stage presence and is naturally sexy and gorgeous. I became a fan of theirs from that very instant!
Up next was a living legend of metal and hard rock: Lita Ford!! She sounded great and is just such an amazing musician backed by an equally talented band. They played newer songs like "Living Like a Runaway", as well as an Elton John cover in "The Bitch Is Back", and in honor of Lemmy Kilmister the classic "Can't Catch Me", which he wrote for her.
At one point, they played the Runaways classic "Cherry Bomb". She was joined by Dorothy Martin and Lzzy f'n Hale of Halestorm!! That was just fucking awesome! I think nearly lost my shit, at this point!


Lzzy stayed, and they went into signing the classic "Close My Eyes Forver". I this point I pretty much just flipped the fuck out! We all fucking did! This was beyond AMAZING!! I don't think I have the words to describe the awesomeness here! Below is a little tease. This originally was shot for my Instagram, hence, why it is only 15 seconds long.

Lita closed off her set with "Kiss Me Deadly". I would love to see Lita, again. Hopefully, sometime in the future, I will get that chance.

And, then it was time for Halestorm!!!! I tried to get as close as I could to the stage, but the place was packed as fuck. Anyway, Lzzy, finally came on, looking as beautiful as ever. She did a solo song, "God Bless the Beast" on keyboard. It was an amazing opener, that showed off Lzzy's beautiful voice.
From there the band came on and they tore right through a KILLER set. I mean they were on fucking fire during their whole performance. They, without a shadow of a doubt in my mind, proved to be one of greatest live bands, anywhere. They sounded tight and their talent just poured out.
They played lots of songs from their latest amazing album, Into the Wild Life, like "Apocalyptic", "I am the Fire, "Scream" (probably my favorite track from there), and more, as well as lots of tracks from The Strange Case of... (my favorite album of theirs, thus far, and that is saying A LOT as I LOVE all three of their studio albums), including ""Love Bites (So Do I), "Rock Show", and more. They only played one off their debut self-titled album, and it was "I Get Off".
Throughout the show, it was clear of their connection to the audience. I loved it when Lzzy told the tale of how her family supported her and her brother drummer Arejay (more on him later!). She also talked about coming back to NYC and how it was long overdue. Finally, she said she would play the next song, the beautiful ballad "Dear Daughter" for all the ladies in the audience. It should be noted that this point she had mentioned that this was her first time touring with all female fronted bands. She also gave props to Lita Ford for opening the doors for bands like hers.

Getting back to Arejay, he is a monster drummer. He played an amazing drummer solo, later joined by the drummers of the two preceding bands, Bobby Rock and Zac Morris of Lita Ford and Dorothy, respectively.

A little later, Lzzy asked her fans if she should just say "fuck encores" and just play three more songs, instead of leaving, wasting time, and coming back. We liked the idea, and they went with it. So next, Dorothy Martin returned and sang a powerful duet cover of "I Just Want to Make Love to You" by Willie Dixon. After, that the band went into the two final songs of the night: "Here's to Us" and "I Miss the Misery". This ended an amazing night of music and a perfect performance. It proved that Halestorm does indeed rule, and that the gorgeous and supremely talented Lzzy Hale is a goddess! All hail Halestorm!!