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Body Heat

Title: Body Heat
Studio: Digital Playground
Cast: Jesse Jane, Riley Steele, Kayden Kross, Raven Alexis, Katsuni, Bridgette B.

Director Robby D's big budget porn flick tells the smutty tale of a group of firefighter, whose firehouse is being threatened to get shutdown. They need to find a way to keep it open. Meanwhile, one of the firemen, who is to marry Kayden Kross' character, dies in an explosion. That's it as far as plot is concerned, and really, that is enough.

Some years ago Wicked made Flashpoint with Jenna Jameson a movie that was overwrought with plot, and aside from a few scenes, in particular her SMOLDERING lesbian romp with Brittany Andrews, was sort of forgettable. This is a MUCH better movie.

Body Heat has lots of good, energetic sex scenes, with at least two stellar moments. In fact, in total the movie features eleven scenes!!! The female cast is drop dead gorgeous. Usually I'm not keen on big breasted blondes, but Jane, Steele, B., and Kross are four of the best. And, four that I thoroughly love! Katsuni is, of course, my fav performer in the movie. While, I find it hard to believe that she is the fire chief, I loved her in it. Her heavy accent is what makes it hard to believe, I think. But, it's so sexy and she looks so hot, you won't, and fucking shouldn't, care.

Other solid performances come from Jesse Jane who is her energetic self that she always is. Steele is great as the ditz and likeable babe of the group. And, Kross is quite sympathetic in her role. Raven Alexis, as the psychiatrist, just exudes sex appeal.

My fav scene had to be Steele coming to try to convince that the station not get closed. It leads to a killer, hot, and nasty threesome with stunning and busty Spanish beauty Bridgette B. and the dude in the room. Bridgette is just so hot and beautiful that I was dying for her to get involved in on the action. When she does, damn, I almost died. The hot facial that hits them both will have you finishing a whole box of Kleenex.

Another kick ass scene that will have you jerking it is the final one, where in most of the beautiful cast get in a KILLER lesbian orgy. Jane, Katsuni, Kross, Alexis, and Steele get so fucking hot that it sets a three alarm off, at least!

The movie (shot in 16 x 9 widescreen) looks gorgeous with excellent production values and a nice transfer. The 5.1 surround sound (I wish more pornos would have this) sounds great, as well.

As far as extras go we have a real fun behind the scenes featurette. There are some deleted scenes which are plotted centered. There is also a slide/ photo gallery.

In all, this is one you should definitely be adding to your collection.

***1/2 woodies out of ****

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Giovanni Deldio said...

Natural boobs are the best! Good film, I really think that DP is making some of the best big budget adult features.