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Chiller Theatre Con 4/30/2011

After having missed out on last year's October show my friends and I were determined not to do the same this year! And, so we headed off to New Jersey for another adventure at the world's greatest con!! I went with Alan and Baldwin and met up with Pat and Matt at the show.

The first celeb I went up to was the very pretty Mercedes McNab. Her character and her portrayal of said character, Harmony, had long been one of my favs on Buffy and Angel. She signed the back of my season 5 of Buffy, as Clare "Glory" Kramer had already signed the front of it at the Big Apple Con, last year.

The next person that I went up to was the one, I most wanted to meet the most: the beautiful Bai Ling!!!! Bai looked stunning, and she signed my DVD of one of my fav movies, The Crow. I got pic with her, as well!

In the pit, was also the very pretty Mariana Klaveno, aka Lorna from True Blood. She signed my blu-ray of season 2. I told her that I loved her on the show, but that I was definitely cheering when she died. She laughed, and said something to the effect of the fact that she was a villain.

Next on my list was Eddie trunk. I'm a HUGE fan of VH-1 Classic's That Metal Show, and while I had been to one of their tapings, I had never met any of them. Being that Eddie had his first book out, Eddie Trunk's Essential Guide to Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, I felt now would be the perfect time to do just that. I requested that they bring the show back to the East Coast, and that they have Doro on the show. In the end, though, he said it is up to the execs. Regardless, he's a cool guy, and Jim Florentine, sitting next to him, was funny as fuck!

We decided to take a break and chill for a little while, and for my friend Pat, it meant that Dr. Satan could come out and play!!

I manged to get a shitload of things at the dealers room. I bought on DVD: Nikkatsu Roman Porn Trailer Collection (which I reserved at Diabolik), House by the Cemetery, Female Demon Ohyaku, Combat Shock (two disc special edition), and on blu-ray I got City of the Living Dead and Santa Sangre.

I got one more autograph in the form of A Nightmare on Elm Street's still beautiful Amanda Wyss. I had meant to meet her earlier, but the line to just get into the room that she was in was to fucking long!! But, that changed late in the afternoon and I just walked in. She is so sweet and nice in person. She talked to fans, and asked about their horror flick T-shirts! She's so awesome!! And, like I said still so beautiful!! She signed my now out of print version of the special edition of the aforementioned Wes Craven's classic.

With that I got the most autographs in recent times, if not ever at Chiller! I topped last year where I got four, but admit ably one (Sherilyn Fenn) was not for me, as it was a gift for my friend Kristie. Anyways, all were for me this time around, so yay!

After chilling and pizza and whatnot we went to the party!!! The Dead Elvi opened up and kicked major ass!!!

The Cool Ghoul Zacherly joined them for The Monster Mash next! As is always the case with this, it was all kinds of awesome!!!
Next to join them was Jane Wiedlin of The Go-Gos. She sang some of their classics. After she was done Bai Ling sang a song!! Total awesomeness!! This proves it, anything with Bai Ling were the highlights of the day, well to me anyways. I kept screaming, "I love you!" Cause, well, I'm a geek! =D
The Dead Elvi continued their ass kicking ways and Mother Chick (aka the babe from the original Mother video from Danzig), dressed as Supergirl, rocked out onstage with them!

Next up came Tony Clifton, who my friends Alan and Matt were insane about!! Anyways, he was pretty funny, I must say, although my knowledge of him is, admit ably limited.
We saw Akihiro Kitamura of The Human Centipede at the party. Rollie (who came with his girlfriend Rachel and Wally later in the day) wanted a pic with him, and so did I. I went up to him, and we got it! He's a real cool guy, by the way!!! Anyways, Rollie had missed last April's Chiller, but when he saw the aforementioned Sherilyn Fenn pic that I got with her, he knew he had to come this time around.

The last band that played were the awesome Ingrid and the Defectors. Man, they sure kicked major fucking ass!!!! Their signer, Ingrid (duh!), is a major hottie, I think. Their set was just awesome. They covered my all time fav L7 song Shit List and a Iggy Pop song, and they just fucking ripped it!!! Awesome!!!!
And, so another Chiller closes. But, it gave us all great memories and fun times. Here's to Chiller THE best horror con in the world. Until the next one, we love you, Chiller! :)

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