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The Master in Las Vegas July 2010 Pt. 2

Day two had me waking up for some good Harrah’s made breakfast. I just chilled for most of the first half of the day. Two of my friends were going to the Grand Canyon. I, though, had dinner reserved with my friend from Vegas at the Postrio in the Venetian. I wanted to chill and relax so as to not be in a rush to get ready for that night. So, it became my first day at the Harrah’s pool. I listened to some metal and read Rue Morgue, while just chilling. I was so happy at that moment and thoroughly enjoying and relaxing and not dealing with shitty stress, that I even tweeted that at that moment.

Well, when the time came we met up and went to the beautiful Italian restaurant. The Postrio has delicious food, and as she, herself pointed out, great atmosphere. It’s an excellent place for fine dining. I would tell her later (to be more precise on Thurs) that I had done much research before picking it as the place for us to eat at. I should point out that Vegas doesn’t seat you ahead of time. So, get there at the exact moment, unless you don’t mind waiting around. They are VERY punctual, over there.

I guess it goes without saying that you should do some research for, yourself, and part of the reason I did this blog, is to recommend some nice places for you Vegas virgins, out there.

Anyways, surrounding the outside (which is not an actual outside area) are gondolas, which come in from outside the hotel itself. We were in the inside part. I reserved this part thinking it would be too hot on the outside (not realizing at the time that it’s not truly outside), but the lighting was perfect. And, I think it worked just fine.

Since, at this time, she was living there, she knew the area better than me. I mentioned the Star Trek bar I had read about. She took me to it, at the Hilton. We rode the monorail to get there.

Now, for us East-coasters, the monorail will come off as a nice surprise as it is clean! All kidding aside, it is nice. Anyway, once we made our way to the Hilton. We saw two things:
1. Next to Vince Neil's Dr. Feelgood bar there is some cool memorabilia, but the bar, itself, it is deader than shit. There were two old people at the bar and that’s it! That ain’t metal, bro. It most definitely ain’t Duffs. So, this helps to remind me (not that I needed to), why Duffs rules. And, why only the East-coast could have it.
2. The Star Trek bar is no longer there. Some remnants remain like some of décor, but it ain’t there. Sorry, Trekkies! Funny thing- Spike TV has a show, Three Sheets, about drinking and traveling, that they advertise as new. Well, it ain’t. It’s new on THEIR channel. Proof is they recommend the Star Trek bar, which ain’t there no more, about a month or so, ago. Oh, well. It’s still a good show, but, you get my drift.


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