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Misti Dawn Out of Vivid's Star Wars

It was yesterday, while lounging around on a lazy Sunday (is there any kind better?), that I caught that Misti Dawn had mentioned that she was out of the Vivid Video parody of Star Wars. I was like, "What the fuck?" Seriously, to me and many others this was, and is, an epic fail.

I've long supported Misti, especially in this blog, and with good reason. She's a real fan with real knowledge and love for geek stuff like George Lucas' classic, beloved, and influential sci-fi series. We've even tweeted about Star Wars (she owns a Wampa rug for chrissakes!). Any true fan would have loved to see her in a porn version of it. I mean she's beautiful, sexy, and a fellow geek how can you not?

Clearly she is someone fans like me want to see in the film. It would show and prove to us that the makers of the film do care about the audience they so wanna to get a hold of IE, geeks/ Star Wars fans.

Misti was/ is not happy; we feel the same way. Many tweets got immediately put up following her mentioning this. It proved that she has us on her side. It got hash tagged #StarWarsPornFail, which pretty much sums it up.

All of this was enough to cause some buzz in porno land. Something that proves once again that A. Misti has a lot of fans that love and support her and B. the power of things like Twitter.

I'm also guessing that somewhere out there in the galaxy Darth Vader and his Emperor are totally pissed off about her not being involved in the movie. And, you guys know the power of the Dark Side don't you?

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