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The Master in Las Vegas July 2010 Pt. 3

The next day, Wednesday, had me and my friends, Alan and Aisha hitting the pool.
Then, Alan, Wally, and I end up going to the awesome Pinball Museum. This kick ass place, off the strip, had so many cool games! We had tons of fun, and it really didn’t cost much to enjoy.
OK, so you could say I didn’t do much on Wed, and yeah, that would be the truth. But, on Thursday, which was our last full day, and we had to enjoy it. We hit the pool, first.

Then, since Aisha and Alan were going to the MGM Grand for a burlesque show, I texted my friend, who at the time lived in one of the MGM Grand condos, and met up with her, that evening. I told her to pick a place for us to go to, so she picked Rouge. At the time it was a nice quite place with a wonderful atmosphere to have wine at. I really thought she made a great choice. Interestingly enough, when I passed that place in Jan of this year, it was loud and crowded. Not the same feel. Oh well.

After that we played pool at Game Works which is located next to the MGM Grand. It’s a fun place that fellow gamers will totally wanna hit. We then caught a quick bite at Dell Taco. I actually had Dell Taco on Wed, and at that point I had stated that it was better than Taco Bell. Well, that changed when we both got sick from eating there, despite eating different stuff. She had tacos, I had nachos. Cut forward to Jan, when that place is closed down and replaced by a Japanese food place. Well, food poisoning will do that to your shitty food joint, motherfucker.

I actually noticed on my second trip to Vegas that there are many beautiful Asian women that hang or work at the MGM Grand. I feel it is my duty to pass that info to my fellow Asian girl lovers. Also, that first time I didn’t hit the lion’s habitat. I didn’t get to do that when I was out with with my friend, well just cause, butI did in January of this year, and I liked it. Even though the lions didn’t do much, except lie around, but still I’m an animal lover, so I still enjoyed it.

Anyways, back to that Thurs, we said our good-byes and the next day all of us were sad to go back to New York. I honestly love Vegas, and I always think about it all the time. NYC, though, will always be my home, and it will always hold my heart. I am a NYer born and bled, and that will never fucking change. There ain’t a place greater than NYC. But, if I was ever to move and could choose where I move to; I would totally pick Vegas. Can’t wait to go back. And, whether it is business, pleasure, or both, I can assure you that I will.

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