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Slime City Massacre Release at Forbidden Planet NYC

This past Friday the 13th (May 2011), I went to Forbidden Planet NYC for the release and signing of the gore flick Slime City Massacre. One of the major reasons that I went, aside from getting the movie itself and getting signed, was to see my friend Debbie Rochon. I had not seen her in years!

Anyways, when I got in the store to actually get on line there was already a line forming.

The first person to sign my newly bought DVD was writer/ director (who also made the original cult favorite Slime City) Greg Lamberson. Next, was the pretty Mary Bogle.
Then, came the always beautiful and wonderful Debbie Rochon! Like I said I had not seen my friend in years. As we talked it was probably a Chiller (note she ain't done Chiller in ages) or a Fango con (there ain't been one of those in a long and even longer since I been to one she was at!). Anyway, we talked for a little while and it was great to see her and catch up. She's truly an amazing person.

Troma head Lloyd Kaufman was there, too. He was entertaining people like only her can. In fact, that his camera that you can catch a glimpse of on the pic of Debbie and me.

Ultimately, I had an awesome time, and I was very glad I went. I am looking forward to actually watching Slime City Massacre!

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