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The Return of Charetta- Gramercy Theatre NYC 1/13/17

This past Jan, Friday the 13th was definitely not a day of bad luck for fans of hard rock and metal in New York City. In fact, it was a night of fucking awesome luck as Charetta returned, after not having played for a couple of years, as part of the Bound by Substance show at Gramercy Theatre. As a matter of fact, I was at one of their last shows when they opened up for Flyleaf back in Oct, 17, 2014. At that very show, their bassist Rich Mollo played what was then his last show with them. Low and behlod, he is back with them and played on this, their big return. You can see him in the pic below playing the red colored bass guitar.

Now I should mention that I have been a HUGE fan of the band since I first caught them earlier that very year, and declared them to be one of the best, if not THE best, opening act that I have ever seen. I firmly stand by that statement, to this very day. In fact, they are one of New York's best rock bands, period! And, this night further cemented that in stone!
Before they came, their new video for "We Will Survive" off of their latest album, Fate Strikes Twice, had its world premiere. The video has some splatter FX and the horror fan in me loved it! Angelina DelCarmen, the band's beautiful, extremely sweet, and down to earth signer, would later tell me that shooting the video and working with the gore FX opened up her love for horror in a way she hadn't felt before. This makes it extra awesome!
You can see the video directly below:

From then the band came onstage and rocked the fucking house! They played a bunch of songs that spanned the history of the band. Included among them many of my favorites like "This Is Your Fall", "The Apocalypse Is Here", the beautiful and moving ballad "Not Made of Stone"', "I'm not Your Bitch" which is my personal favorite track by them, and many more. We, the audience, sang along to their songs and had a total blast!
And, that's cause the band just sounded tight as hell; as they were killing it onstage. The music was rocking and lead by the beautiful vocals of Angelina, who might just be the best signer in hard rock music that you haven't heard (unless you have, in which case you know what I am talking about!) Charetta is just such an awesome and kick ass live experience and truly deserve to have all the success in the world.
 In one of the coolest moments of their set, Angelina came out in a trench-coat for one of the songs.
For the final song of the night, the band played "We Will Survive". That is, of course, the video that was played at the start of their set, which bought the concert to full circle. Angelina came out in the blood-spattered outfit that she actually wore in the video! That was just so fucking cool and insured an awesome ending to one hell of a show!

Welcome back, Charetta, you were missed by your fans! We are so glad to have you back. Here is to many more shows!