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The 40 Hottest Hairy Girls from Rodneivision Ever, Part 2 (30-21)

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30. Lola DeMilo- Dear God, Lola DeMilo is absolutely beautiful! She is breathtaking with her beautiful face, big, brown eyes, cute boobs, and amazing bush, which all amount to one of the most captivating, unknown girls that I have ever seen in a skin flick, hairy or not. She actually looks like Shannon Doherty, which only makes her hotter, in my book! Check out her solo scene in Seattle Hairy Girls 19&20, where, from the moment she appeared on camera (still clothed, might I add), I immediately fell in love with her!

29. Alice Hodges-  A stunning brunette, Alice Hodges has a beautiful face, gorgeous eyes, nice knockers, and one is one tall and sexy babe. She has shot solo, boy-girl, and girl-girl scenes. I should mention that she looks even hotter whenever she has glasses on!

28. Olivia- Sexy and curvy, Olivia is, quite, simply put delicious. She has incredible, natural boobs, hairy, thick, and sexy legs (that look amazing in heels), and she has a nice big butt. I love her sort of 50's style of bangs and glasses that nicely counterpart her tattoos. Any scene she is in is awesome, but her girl-girl stuff is simply amazing. Shooting with fellow hairy babes like Carley or Simone, they are proven to make you need to invest a lot of money in tissues! She appeared with the later girl in Seattle Hairy Girls 79&60, which is one of my personal favorite scenes!

27. Luna Rae- Sexy, beautiful, and very yummy, Luna Rae is a sight to behold and worship. She has the hot hippie babe thing going for her, with her gorgeous face and sexy, short hair. These wonderfully complement her incredible boobies which are worthy of a book being written about them. Then there are her sexy, long, and hairy legs which lead to her incredible bush. It does not take me long to be "done" when I am watching her, like her in her smoldering solo scene in Seattle Hairy Girls 35&36 (where is also the cover girl!). In it she plays a girl who just got a new stripper job and is gonna "practice" on you. The way she looks and talks to the camera is INCREDIBLE!

26. Zooey- Let me say this right now, Zooey is a breathtakingly beautiful babe. She has a beautiful face and a body to die for. I love her little boobies and her hairy and thick legs. But, it is her ass that amazes me the most. Her booty should be worshipped by all lovers of amazing behinds!

25. Rebeka Kane- Beautiful and busty, hairy babe, Rebeka Kane is as yummy as they come. This voluptuous honey has huge, bonerific tatas, a wonderfully, big ass, and awesome hairy and thick legs. She looks hot as fucking hell in a tight, white outfit like the one that she wore in her hot solo scene in Seattle Hairy Girls 13&14 or having hot lesbian action with the jaw droppingly gorgeous Ember in Horny Hairy Girls 26.

24. Vicki Juniper- Another hairy and curvy (yes, I REALLY like that combo!) babe, Vicki has sexy hair, especially on her bush!! I also really like her hot legs and amazing ass and, of course, her fucking hot and natrually large tits. All of this is awesomely displayed in woodie causing heaven in Seattle Hairy Girls 49&50. I honestly can't make it passed the beginning of it, what with her talking about her body hair and the camera going up and down her delicious legs!

23. Harley Hex- This all natural, curvy, and "kinky" and "queer" (as she describes herself on her awesome Twitter) babe is one of the sexiest and most real hairy girls currently out there. She is amazing in girl-girl scenes (of course!) and REALLY hairy! She also has a very pretty face and beautiful, brown eyes. I was first introduced to her via her HOT solo scene in Seattle Hairy Girls 83&84, and I been a dedicated fan ever since. And, honest to God, her scenes seem to get hotter all the time!

22. Teddy Snowflower- There are not a whole lot of blondes in the hairy girl world, but thankfully we did have Teddy Snowflower. Her strawberry blonde hair makes this beauty really stands out among her peers. She also has a real, sweet, soft voice which complements her hairy, sexy, long legs, beautiful bush, cute, handful sized boobies, and apple shaped booty. She shot a couple of scenes during her short career, including work for ATK Hairy and, of course, Rodney Moore.

21. Erin and Sara- The first couple to be ranked here, Erin and Sara shot two scenes for Rodney, one on Seattle Hairy Girls 11&12 and another in Hairy Girls in Love. Both scenes are amazing and feel very real, with the former being one of my top personal spank bank picks. Even the mere intros, in said scenes, of the girls talking about their body hair is hot. I am especially driven insane by Sara stating how she doesn't shave her like mom didn't. Total swoon material! Both of them are hairy and gorgeous. Erin is a slender beauty with red streaks in her longer hair. While, Sara has short hair and an big and incredible ass and killer breasts. Both of them have amazing bushes and great legs. Like many girls here, I wish they had shot more!

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