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The 40 Hottest Hairy Girls from Rodneivision Ever, Part 3 (20-11)

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20. Honey Bunch- Like her namesake, Honey Bunch is absolutely delicious. She has amazing curves, what with that big ass of hers and her naturally large boobs! She also has an awesome bush and sexy body hair. Her beautiful eyes and lovely face complemented by her long, wavy black hair finish making her the complete hot package. She has had solo and boy-girl-girl scenes, but it is her lesbian stuff that is the hottest. And, she has couple of those for Seattle Hairy Girls, all of which will make you spray your load in joy!

19. Nikki Silver- Nikki Silver is one of the most popular hairy girls in porn, perhaps ever. She is also one of the most beautiful. Nikki is breathtaking and gives hot as fucking hell performances. This brunette beauty is proud, and rightfully so, if her natural lifestyle. She has a lovely face and gorgeous, light brown eyes. She also has a wicked body with sexy, hairy legs. Whether working with a girl, guy, or solo, Nikki fucking rules!

18. Katie Zucchini- Katie is, quite simply put, drop-dead gorgeous! I first discovered Katie when I saw her in a trailer for a scene of hers with Rodney Moore on his site. As soon as I saw her hairy and long legs and how beautiful she is, I was immediately in love. Katie makes an immediate impression of anyone who is a hairy girl fan. And, for a smoldering double shot of hairy hotties check out her scene with the afore ranked Alice Hodges in Horny Hairy Girls 60. In it, they are both are working out, and then get into the type of hot girl-girl action that never seems to happen at any gym, I've worked out at!

17. Felix Weatherwood- A young and naturally beautiful babe, Felix is quite fucking amazing. Especially her round, firm ass which has to be one of my favorite butts. It leads into her thick thighs and long, sexy, hairy legs. She also happens to have an incredibly cute face with nice, full lips and big, brown eyes. Her soft voice works perfectly in her solo scenes as she talks to the camera and you, about her hair or whatever naughty thing else it might be. She is equally, if not even more so, apt in girl-girl scenes like the absolutely boner causing one that she has with Mahonia in Seattle Hairy Girls 79&80

16. Charlie- Charlie is such a complete and utter babe. She has a really great girl next door appeal to her, well if the girl next door was hairy. But, I digress. This cutie has a pretty face and awesome, natural boobies. I also love her hairy, sexy legs, hot butt, and sexy bush. She has this thing where she bites her lip that is hot as fucking hell! It is a shame, then, that there aren't a whole lot of scenes with her. But, I think my favorite with hers, and this wasn't an easy choice to make, is the one with her and Rodney, himself, in Seattle Hairy Girls 51&52. In it, she plays someone who works at a hotel and warns Rodney to stop shooting porn there. He notices that she is hot and hairy and asks to touch her armpit hair. It doesn't take long for her to give him a hot blowjob. So hot is this scene that I am usually done before the sucking even starts!

15. Gwen- I love Gwen cause she manages to combine a natural beauty, with a punk rock look, and, of course, hairy hotness. She also has these stunning, green eyes, that just make me melt. Whether looking into them, her hot, hairy legs, ass, or bush, I am entranced! She is at her best when she talks about her body hair, which is enough to drive me crazy! While, any scene of hers is a spank bank classic, I think her solo scene in Seattle Hairy Girls 69&70, is my personal pick. In it, she tells us that she is entering a hairy armpit contest, perfectly exemplifying what I said she is so perfectly hot at doing!

14. Simone Delilah- The completely enchanting Simone Delilah is curvy, beautiful, and hairy, just the way I love them! She has a big, yummy ass and a hot bush, too! She also happens to have hairy, thick, killer legs. Put her in heels, and I am done! Anything she is in is nuclear level hot, but if I have to pick one scene, I would go with her lesbo scene in Seattle Hairy Girls 79&80 (yes, I have mentioned the same movie twice here, so go fucking get already!). In it, she and earlier ranking Olivia, are closing up in an office. Olivia tells her the guy she is seeing doesn't like her hairy body. But, she ain't shaving and thankfully the equally hairy, and hot, Simone is there to console her. Fans of curvy and hairy girls take heed of this one! The leg shots alone are worth the price of the movie!!

13. Viola Starr- From the moment I first saw Viola Starr, I was fucking sold as a fan of hers. She has such a pretty face, and I love her shoulder, length, black hair and dark, brown eyes. Her breasts are a very nice size and her phat ass is a gift from the heavens! As is her bush, which is one of my favorites! My favorite scene she did for Rodney is her solo scene where she plays "your" boss in an office in Seattle Hairy Girls 71&72. She looks so fucking good in it (especially that ass and bush!!), and the whole setup (dude blows his load to fast with her, hopes you don't) is perfect. And, I'll be damned if I don't wish this would happen to me in real life (office work would be pretty sweet, if it was like this huh?). Her work with WeAreHairy.com is also well worth checking out. 

  12. Sarah Singer- Sarah Singer has one of the best pair of legs that I have ever seen. They are very long and, of course, hairy. I swear half the time I am transfixed on them. The other half, I am transfixed on every other inch of hers! She has a nice behind, a beautiful face with big, dark eyes and long, jet black hair, as well as an incredible bush! Sarah always looks delicious and any scene of hers is amazing. However, one is not only my favorite of hers, but one of my personal favorite and oft watched scenes period: Rodney and her in Seattle Hairy Girls 53&54. In this one, she is looking for and tries on used shoes that Rodney is selling. He tells that she is hairy, and she lets him know that being hairy is hot. A blisteringly hot fucking insues, caped off with a hot facial. Though, to be honest the beginning focuses so much on her legs, bush, and armpit hair, that I never, ever make it to the money shot!

11. Claire- Claire is, to put it bluntly, truly fucking amazing, a gift from God, if you will. Sexy as fuck, she exudes this from every pore on her hot body. She is a redhead, resulting in her bushy fire-crotch, which is a site to behold. She also has a truly incredible pair of knockers that are worthy of their own chapter in a book! Her legs are really hot and very hairy, as are her pits. She has beautiful eyes and a lovely face. Every single scene of hers I have ever seen, whether solo or with Rodney, are big personal favorites of mine. This is, in part, cause she is great at talking to the camera or Rodney, as the case maybe. Always hot, always sexy, Claire is fucing awesome!

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