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How to Celebrate Labor Day, Master Style

Last time, I told you how to have a better 4th of July. Today, I help you with your Labor Day Weekend! It's nice to get a break from the hard work, or for those unemployed, a break from the break! Cause, we all need that! Those of you who work on Labor Day weekend, can still enjoy these things when they get home or at least fantasize about enjoying them.

First off, I am sure there are those of you who will be enjoying a nice BBQ. But, remember this is the last day for many, like say those of us on the East-Coast, to enjoy the beach or pools (for those of you who live in beautiful, warmer weather and get pools open for longer periods of time, please keep it to yourself, I don't wanna fucking hear about it!). If you hit a pool make sure it is one filled with hot babes. Cause otherwise there is just no fucking point! Well, not in my book anyways. Actually, writing this makes me miss the pool at Harrah's in Vegas. Please, give me some time while I cry and reminisce.... :*( OK, I'm back! Unfortunately... Anyways, if you have no pools like this, then be sure to get your ass to a beach and enjoy the lovely ladies, there.

Of course, you could always hit the movies. One of my most anticipated movies just the big-screen this Friday, I'm talking of course, about Robert Rodriguez's Machete (best said in a Latin accent!). I ain't seen it, yet, but me thinks I might on Labor Day, itself. It promises to have lots of gore, action, babes, and a great cast. Best of all it gives Danny Trejo his first lead role. I been a Trejo fan for years. The guys just fucking rulz! He's a a real badass and cool as fucking hell. Plus, according to Attack of the Show's Alison Haislip he hit on her at San Diego Comic Con. Trejo, you are my fucking hero!!! From what I hear, Ms. Lohan bears her tits (I can't fucking stand her, but regardless...), so there is that for you celeb skin fans. Here is the red band trailer filled with all the blood and boobs you could fucking ask for:

You're also gonna need some kick ass music. So, let's get some metal in there. I've been playing the shit out of Five Finger Death Punch as of late. Their music gets me all pumped up and ready to whoop some ass. They're just a straight-up, badass metal band!! And, I FUCKING LOVE their cover of Bad Company's Bad Company! I think it is one of the greatest cover, ever!!! Here is the cool as hell video:

Finally, if all else fails there is always porn. May, I suggest some from the beautiful Korean goddess that is Tia Ling? I been watching a lot of her stuff as of late and thoroughly enjoying her performances. She's amazing! And, I think I might just be in love with her! I would also go with some Mika Tan, as I been enjoying a lot of her stuff, as of late, too. Actually, I'm always enjoying a lot of Mika Tan, but that's a different blog. And, hey if your ass is in Nevada, remember you can enjoy the gorgeous Mika Tan at the Bunny Ranch! If you got the cash, of course! If so, know that I envy you, but you are officially having THE best Labor Day Weekend, EVER!

Anyways, I wanna wish you all a happy, fun, and safe Labor Day weekend. Take care and I'll be blogging more soon!

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