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Megadeth- Rust in Peace: Live

First and foremost Megadeth are my personal favorite band and Rust in Peace is my second fav album ever (for those curious Metallica- Master of Puppets is my fav album of all time). So, a live DVD of this thrash metal classic was a must have for me. It's a seminal album that shows them at their technical best.

They play the entire album, from beginning to end. What's awesome is that songs I never heard played live like Five Magics and Take No Prisoners are here and on the set-list. The set is blistering, and the band sounds amazing. Few bands can touch the technical veracity of Mustaine's mighty, metal machine. Highlights include killer performances of Holy Wars... The Punishment Due and Rust In Peace... Polaris.

In the extra features, we get five more Megadeth favs, including Trust, She-Wolf, and Peace Sells. There is also cool behind-the-scenes footage that includes band rehearsal. I would have wanted some interviews with the band reflecting on the album, but really this is minor complaint.

The picture in 16:9 widescreen looks perfect, and the 5.1 Dolby Digital is fucking killer. Pump this fucker loud!!! And, at the cheapth pricat i bought it at; it's a fucking steal! There is also a CD release of this, by the way.

In all, this DVD is a must for Megadeth fans!!!

**** out of *****

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