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The Girls of Machete

So, yesterday I decided to spend the "unofficial" end of summer seeing one of my most anticipated movies of the year, Robert Rodriguez's Machete! I have to say that it his best film since the classic From Dusk Till Dawn and, so far, my second favorite movie I seen this year. I loved the cast (Trejo really is my hero!!!), the action, the gore, the humor, and the message that this movie held. It's also filled with babes, and I will take a special look at them in this blog.

Let's begin with Lindsay Lohan. Personally speaking I cannot stand her. But, she does play herself in the movie, IE a druggie who parties with her mom. She gets topless (but recent rumors speak of a body double, if so LAME!) with her MILFy mom and jumps in the water with Trejo. She dons a nun-habit, as well, so for those of you into nunsplotation, there's that!

Next, up we got the beautiful Jessica Alba, probably the girl I am the biggest fan of in this movie. She has long been one of my fav babes, in fact, ever since the terribly stupid Idle Hands, but as I have said in the past she does not get nude. This movie shows the most of her you'll ever see, IE some side boob and side butt. She, of course, looks beautiful, and it's actually her best acting, ever.

Michelle Rodriguez also looks sexy in this movie. She don't get nude, though, but damn that outfit she wears!!! Anyways, I really like seeing her kick ass. Plus, she sells tacos in the movie. Who amongst you wouldn't buy Michelle's taco?

I was also very happy to see the twins, Elise and Electra Avellan, from Grindhouse play sexy nurses in this movie. They don't get nude, either, but hey their TWINS for Christ's sakes! I been a fan of them since said flick, and I always wish they would do more movies. I actually met at a Chiller a few years back. They were really friendly and totally caliente!

So, we got a blonde bimbo and a bunch of Latin babes but what about those of us into Asian girls? What do we get? Well fear not kiddies, as I was introduced to Singaporean beauty Cheryl Chin. She plays Steven Seagal's (who is awesome as one of the villains in the movie, by the way) henchwoman. She also does not get nude, but she is in a bikini and looks yummy. Plus, she's a bad girl. And, I kind of have a thing for bad girls. I think she needs a spanking! And, thank you Mr. Rodriguez for introducing us to this babe!

Anyways, if you ain't seen Machete yet, then what the fuck are you waiting for? Go out there and see this future classic now!!!

And, remember fans Machete don't text!

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