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Hot Asian of the Month: Maggie Q

This month Maggie Q's new series Nikita debuts on the CW. Maggie was the very first girl that ever had a blog dedicated to her here. But, yet she was never officially never made a Hot Asian of the Month. Today, I correct that mistake, as with the premiere of the show being next week on Thursday at 9PM, there is no time better than now.

As I mentioned on that blog, Maggie has an American father of Polish, French Canadian and Irish descent, and a Vietnamese mother. Her full name is Margret Denise Quigley and was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on May 22, 1979.

Maggie began her career in Hong Kong action films. She was dubbed in those movies, but she took Mandarin and Cantonese. I only seen one of her Hong Kong movies, Dragon Squad, but it's a good one. Go check it out.

It's in 2006 that she appeared in her first American film, Mission Impossible III. Maggie would appear in various other American films, some of which were covered in my original blog.

Maggie pretty much floored me from the minute I first saw her, and if you want more proof of her hotness and sexiness, then check this out:

Nikita, though promises to be her big break. Now, I am a quite the fan of the French movie La Femme Nikita, the USA TV series, and even the American remake (Point of No Return), but I still wanna see this. It has potential. But, most of all it has Maggie fucking Q!!! The adds all over NYC are so fucking hot!! The show takes place afterwards, as we see Nikita leave the group. And, now they are after her. It's an interesting premise with one of the most truly beautiful women in the world. I hope it succeeds.

The TV spot is actually pretty cool, so that furthers to capture my interest. Here it is:

Wait, Maggie Q in a bikini?! Truly there is a God!!!

Here is a clip, from the show. Man, I just can't fucking wait for next Thursday, already!!!

Looks fucking kick ass, fun, and of course, sexy!! Dear, Ms. Maggie Q, you don't need a gun to hold me!

Maggie was on the George Lopez show last month promoting Nikita. And, here is that interview:

I gotta say, I love the way she came off on the show. She looks gorgeous, of course (those LEGS!!!), but she also seems fun and sweet. And, Lopez is a lucky bastard, when she gets up and sits next to him. Damn! I love the fact that Nikita does feature an Asian beauty in the lead. Along, with the ravishing Grace Park in the new Hawaii Five-O, this awesome news for minorities. Really Hollywood, no need for every chick being blonde and blue eyed. In fact, I would be very happy to see more beautiful Asian women get more lead roles in movies and TV.

Maggie is also a vegetarian. Now, I ain't but I love the fact that she obviously loves animals, as animal rights is one of the causes closest to my heart. Clearly, this babe just hits almost every checklist requirement to win my heart, love, and fandom. And, anyways her PETA ad is freakin' HOT!!!

Maggie is such a stunning, beautiful woman. Her face is a vision of perfection, her tight, hard body is like it was sculpted by the gods, and her legs, they are to die for. Plus, she can totally kick your ass, which only makes her that much hotter in my book. Maggie Q fucking rulz, here's to hoping that this TV show will be her big hit, so that the rest of the world can know what we, her loyal fans, have been raving out for the longest of time.

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