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Hot Asian of the Month: Tia Ling

Ahh, October, easily one of my favorite months of the year, is finally here. Fittingly, I have chosen one of my absolute fav babes to be this month's Hot Asian of the Month: the beautiful Tia Ling!!!!!

This gorgeous, Korean goddess was born 34 years ago on July 10th. She lives in Ohio, but, of course, goes to LA to do porn work.

Tia is only 5.5 feet tall, which is totally cute, in my book. She has nicely done D-cups to further augment her sexiness.

Tia has been in quite a lot films and her performances are always scorchers. Anything of hers that I have seen of hers is always impossibly hot! She also shoots a lot for her own website: http://www.tialing.com/

You can also find her on myspace and on Twitter. She also posts on the freeones message boards (http://board.freeones.com/), in particular in her own amazing thread. She posts some pretty sexy vids on youtube, as well, but I wish she would post more! Subscribe to them here: http://www.youtube.com/user/tialing76
Here is an example, as she is seen with the cute Becky Blair and the amazingly hot Kitty Langdon:

Tia is up for just about anything. This bi-sexual babe will do anal, interracial, facials, etc. But, no matter what she does, I can guarantee you, that you will be reaching for those tissues! Her stuff can be be pretty addicting, too. Once, you start loving Tia, you will want more of her!!

Tia is particularly adapt at various fetish vids. Which makes her that much more awesome. S&M, MILF, lactation, etc, she's done 'em, and she's fucking awesome at it! Here she is in a preview of her doing masturbation encouragement vids. I own one of these, and I can assure that it is, very, er, encouraging, indeed!

Goddamn, Tia is just amazing! But, if you need even further proof as to why this babe has become one of my go to hotties, then I give this vid to you where she shakes her sexy body:

That beautiful face, long, beautiful, black hair, amazing body, sexy ass, and delicious legs make her a sight to behold. Then you add that sexy personality of hers. And, finally you thrown in the fact that anything she shoots will melt your hard-drive or DVD/ Blu-Ray player, and you have one of the absolute best babes in the entire industry. Tia Ling fucking rules. So, get her stuff, or for my fellow fans of hers, get more of her stuff. You won't be disappointed!! But be warned, Tia has stolen my heart, and I know she will steal yours, too! :)

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Free Porn said...

I really love asian pornstars such as Tia Ling... they're petite, sexy, and tight! What else could you ask for...

Giovanni Deldio said...

Amen, bro! You speak the truth!