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Random Hotness VI: Hotness Lives

Gianna Lynn and Angelina Armani - Gianna Lynn, aka the world's most beautiful babe, is gonna be in an upcoming porn film. A sequel to Operation Stormy, Operation Tropical Stormy will also have returning writer/ director/ star the lovely Stormy Daniels in the lead role. Gianna told me about this film last year, when I interviewed her, and how she plays the villain. Been dying to see it since then. This teaser trailer only makes me wanna see it more! Can't wait for it!

Also worth mention is that the lovely Ms. Lynn is up for some Fame Awards, as is another hottie, and all around cool and awesome chick, Angelina Armani. Gianna is up for for best oral and most underrated (something I have long said that she is!). While, Armani is up for best female rookie, which she most definitely is! Get your ass and vote for 'em both here: http://thefameawards.com/vote_email.aspx And, while your at it write them in whatever category that they ain't in. And, use multiple e-mails. Go do it, now! Tell 'em the Master sent you!
Getting back to Angelina you should check out the Genesis blog. She frequently reviews horror, super hero, and other kinds of cool movies. She is always right on target with her reviews too. As is evident by her excellent review of Last House on the Left 2009.

Jamie Chung- Another favorite of this blog, the stunning Ms. Jamie Chung can be seen in the April 2009 issue of Maxim . Honestly, these pics are so hot, I thought the mag would melt in in my hands! She talks about her upcoming Dragonball: Evolution movie. The trailer looks, eh, I don't know what to say.... The TV spot I seen looks like crap, but I did love Dragonball Z, and I ADORE Jamie, so... Here is a trailer for it:

God, I love watching Jamie kick ass!
But, this year gives us twice the Jamie! As, she will also be in Sorority Row (a movie she also talks about in the magazine) a semi-remake to House on Sorority Row. The movie (which also has Audrina Patridge! ) finally has a trailer up. Sadly it looks like I Know What You did Last Summer, but with hotter chicks and, possibly, more gore. I will probably see it, but my expectations are low... Here is the trailer:

Alissa White Gluz- Have you guys heard the new album by The Agonist- Lullabies for the Dormant Mind ? It's good metalcore and might actually be better than their last album! Anyways, the truly beautiful Ms. Gluz is featured in the latest issue of Revolver and goddamn does she ever look beautiful! Gotta love them metal babes!

Rucca Page- Recently I have been totally into the gorgeous and sexy porn babe, Rucca Page. She has God given tits , a great ass , beautiful eyes, a lovely face, and a real nice bush! Her work is pretty fucking hot (including stuff with one of my favorite porn filmmakers out there, Rodney Moore). I also enjoy her blog and think you should check it out. And, her, too, of course! Cause she is so fucking yummy!

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