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Showtime's Deeper Throat

I been watching the new reality TV series Deeper Throat, on Showtime since it premiered on Fed. 14th (yes, Valentine's Day, at least something good came out of that shitty day...) and been enjoying it greatly.

Now, I first heard of it thanks to one of my fav blogs to read, Genesis Online. The show deals with Vivid Video trying to remake the porn classic Deep Throat . Now, I never seen the original, and who knows, if I ever will. But, any porn fan knows how important that film is to the adult biz. Anyways, Steve Hirsch, the owner of Vivid, tries to get the rights, then has his main director, Paul Thomas (aka PT) make it. The owner of the rights to Deep Throat is none to happy, but agrees to let it be made. Still, he wants to make his own version.

Meanwhile, PT starts to look for the lead girl, as it has been decided that it should not be a Vivid girl. The girl needs to be able deep throat (duh!), but also be able to carry a film. It ends up being the gorgeous, and one this blog's most beloved babes, Sasha Grey who, and rightfully so, gets the lead role.

Along the way, we see the lovely and naturally breasted Hanna Hilton join Vivid Video, as well as former Miss USA, the pretty Kelli McCarthy . By the way, anyone see Kelli's film? If so please tell me your thoughts.

And, of course there is all the drama that reality TV thrives on. Problems with script, troubles with the owner of Deep Throat, and other moments that add to the show. As you would expect to see there are lots of hot, naked babes in the show, but one that really stood out, well at least outside of the Vivid girls or Sasha, is Sarah Vandella . She comes off as having a lot of attitude (might be cause this babe is form right here in NYC!). I loved the scene where shes tries out for the lead, but tells PT that she does not act only fucks! Ahh, what a goddess! But, her attitude gets to much and in the last episode, that they aired, she gets kicked off the set, as PT gets way pissed off. I am sure the fact that the guy sent by the owner of the original film, tped his car did not help!

In all this is a fascinating show for those interested in seeing how a major porn film is made. But, it is also really fun and entertaining. I think that is is probably one of the best reality shows in a while. And, hey let's be honest the hot naked babes help! Check it out if you ain't done so, yet!

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Escort said...

Although porn star are looking very gorgeous. But i like Hannah Hilton most. She looking really beautiful. I love her big tits and natural expressions make me more horny and when i saw her first time in movie, my penis can't be controlled.

Giovanni Deldio said...

Hilton is gorgeous! Although, as far as I know she is currently retired from porn.