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Battlestar Galatica- The Final Episode


And, so this past Friday, March 20, 2009 gave to us the final episode of what is the greatest sci-fi show, ever: Battlestar Galatica. And, I have to say I was blown away by it!

This season was such an amazing, kick ass experience, like the show has been from the get go. I adored the whole two-parter with the mutiny on the Battlestar and President Roslin's kick ass response!

Anyway, lets get to talking about the ending. At over two hours long, this was an exciting, emotional, and ingenious way to end the series. They got everything right and answered everything that needed to be.

There were so many great moment that just completely got me. Here are some of my favorites:

- Boomer rescuing Athena. I loved this. When we first met Boomer, she was one of my favorite characters. But, as she became more evil, I quickly grew to hate her character. Her redemption at the end was great. Loved the flashback to her, Colonel Tigh, and Adama. Although, she really did get her just deserts, at the hands of Athena (hands down my second fav character on the entire show).

- Baltar- It seemed that he would never change. Just a few episodes ago Caprica told him, "You have not changed, I have". That was such a great defining moment in both their characters. Then he grows some balls and decides to fight in the last episode. The scene where he and Caprica take Athena, had me screaming, "Traitorous bitch!" to her. But, alas it was needed to be so that the whole climax could be set off. The revelation of their angels was classic. Redemption achieved for Baltar!

- The Chief- Man, if there was one thing I was waiting for was for him to find out that that bitch Tory had made Cally get sucked through the air-hole. So, when it occurred and he snapped that twat's neck, I frakking flipped out! I think this the moment I cheered the loudest in the entire episode, if not series!

- The Cylon Centurions- Man, I feel like such a nerd saying this, but I loved seeing the "good" Centurions battling the "bad" ones. So fucking cool. Plus, the fact that they get to fly away into space and find their own destiny is fucking awesome.

- Tears- Fuck man, I totally cried when Helo got shot. Thank goodness he lived though. He is my third favorite character. And, his relationship with Athena was probably my favorite on going story in the entire series. Glad, they stayed a happy couple. I also cried in the scene with Starbuck and Sam. I always liked Sam more than Lee (no don't get me wrong, I like Lee, a lot, but just saying...), his character arc was great. And, Starbuck, what can I say, she is an angel, literally! Great arc for her as well. But, the most tears cam from seeing Roslin die. We all knew this would happen. I loved it when Adama (my fav character) took her into the ship.

Man, you know what, I could go on and on about what I loved in this episode. As, I liked it all, very single minute and second of it. No science fiction show has ever made me cry, has ever made feel so many emotions, like this one and it's ending did. This is the best ending to a series, ever. And, while both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel had amazing endings, even these were topped by BSG.

I don't know if Caprica will live up this sort of greatness, but I will be watching. Long live Battlestar Galatica, you will be greatly missed.

On two side notes, I no longer will have my Grace Park fix, so I am gonna start to watch The Fixer, but my expectations are low...

Meanwhile, I cannot wait to meet Edward James Olmos at Chiller next month. He has been one of my favorite actors since I was a kid. And, his character of Admiral Adama is a hero of mine. Kat will be there, too. I think I may go up to her, as well.

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