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Jayden Jaymes Unleashed

Title: Jayden Jaymes Unleashed
Studio: Elegant Angel
Cast: Jayden Jaymes, Pheonix Marie, Bobbi Starr, Tori Black

The shapely and gorgeous Jayden Jaymes stars in every scene in this hot, recent porn release from Elegant Angel.

The first one has her and one of my top personal favs, Tori Black. The opening tease (they all start with a tease scene, by the way) has some nice lesbian action. They start next to a pool, then move on to a sofa. Both of them look simply spectacular. They have truly amazing asses! Tori comes off as so beautiful and nasty as she eats Jayden's yummy ass. Then, a dude joins in and things get really HOT! Tori comes off as insatiable! I really like the way she dominates Jayden in the scene. Another hot moment in the movie has to be when they go for 69. The money shot sees them sharing the load as they kiss. In all, a killer scene that is the movie's second best moment.

Jayden is in bed by herself in a tease that is really sexy and has some nice editing. It leads to some dude fucking her. She proves to be an energetic cock sucker in a pretty good little scene, which turns great once the anal action starts. He goes back to fucking her snatch, next. Ultimately, he splooges on her tits. I am now offically a Jayden fan! And that ending is just HOT!

For the third scene Jayden is dressed in leather and lace. She looks HOT and seeing her like this drove me bonkers! Especially, when a butt plug goes in her delicious ass! Bobbi Starr appears. They have a nice lesbo tease which leads to hot lesbian sex! I simply love it when Bobbi slaps Jayden's face. She does this again later in the scene, as well. A lucky guy joins in on the fun. Bobbi is the first to suck his dick. Then, Jayden gets a "taste" of it as well. Lots of major heat, here! As a matter of fact, the whole scene has insane amounts of heat. Both of them take it in the butt. Bobbi is so sexy and dominate of Jayden. And now, dear readers, I am a Bobbi fan, as well! But, it's the anal action that will melt your player! I fucking love seeing Bobbi's yummy and hairy snatch has she takes it in the butt! I was soon thinking how lucky this dude is to have Jayden suck his balls and Bobbi his dick. They jerk him off. After, he blows his load, they lick and suck his cum. Then they make out for a while. It's an AMAZING ending to the BEST scene in the entire movie. Bobbi Starr is my future ex-wife, for sure!

The next outfit that Jayden wears reminds us what an amazing butt she has. It leads to an interracial scene. In this good scene, the dude gets to eat her ass, and what an ass it is! There is some good cocksucking. He shoots his load in her mouth, and uses her finger to push the extra cum into her mouth. Great way to end it!

In the final scene, Jayden and Phoenix Marie start things off nicely, as they make-out. Phoenix, who is ever so cute, makes Jayden suck on a dildo in a sexy moment. There is lots of anal action in the form of licking and sticking in of toys. Usually toy play can be somewhat of a turn-off, but that is not the case, here! And, of course, there is lots of ass fucking, as a dude joins the party. Phoenix is one nasty and sexy chick. Jayden takes an anal cream pie. Pheonix swallows it. Then, they proceed to make-out. It's a totally awesome ending to a damn good porno!!!

This film makes Jayden a star!! It's a great porno, that is well shot, and where the sex is nasty and sexy. As I said before, this movie made me a fan of the lovely Ms. Jaymes. If you already are a fan, then you would be insane NOT to buy this movie! And, if you wanna be introduced to her, or to a truly beautiful and shapely babe, then you also NEED to own this movie. It's another fine production form one of my fav studios, Elegant Angel.

The picture looks stunning. The colors are nice and vivid. Meanwhile, the sound is also flawless. As far as extras go we get an entertaining, little behind the scenes, where we see that Jayden is a fun and silly babe. Another extra is a really good interview with her. The part where she talks about the movie's interracial scene is really interesting. I loved it when she revealed that she, like me, has lots of love for Tori Black. Honestly, this interview made me love her even more. Also, included is a good still gallery.

3 1/2 out of 4 Woodies

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