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Random Hotness XII: Hotness, Sweet Hotness

It's been roughly a year since I did one of these, but I know my long time readers love them. And, my readers who have never seen me post one of these are sure to enjoy them, too.

Liz Hurley- It's recently been revealed that the breath-taking Ms. Hurley will play the Wonder Woman villain Veronica Cale in the new TV series. The show will have some chick named Adrianne Palicki play the title heroine. The series sounds like it will be crap. But, I do heart Hurley. I first remember her from Passenger 57 where she played a plane hijacking terrorist. While, that movie is certainly not good; she looked REALLY good, in it. She can hold me hostage any time she wants to. She has an absolutely amazing rack, that my pants simply cannot get enough of. Truth be told, it will be hard to cheer for the heroine in this one. Score one for the bad girls of TV land!Tia Ling- I have professed my love for this Korean goddess before here. She even made it to number eight in my Top 70 Hottest Babes of 2010 and is a former Hot Asian Girl of the Month. I really cannot get enough of her or her pornos!!! I think I might be in love. Do you think Tia would marry me? :) Anyways, I can assure you that Ms. Ling will continue to get LOTS of love here!Bai Ling- Speaking of smoking hot Asians whose last name is Ling, the smoldering and sexy Bai Ling will be at Chiller this April/ May!!!! Dude and dudettes, when my friend Pat told me this news on my Facebook, I fucking flipped!!! Meeting her is gonna be epic!!! Honest, to God I been a fan of hers since I saw her play the bad chick in the classic action/ horror/ revenge flick The Crow. She is also gonna be in the new season of Celebrity Rehab. Since Amy Fisher will be on that, too, I'm gonna have to watch it. But, for now, I just want it to be Chiller time, so I can have the pleasure of meeting her!!!Candace Bailey- It's official, I'm greatly enjoying Ms. Bailey on Attack of the Show. Now, admit ably, I think Olivia Munn is more beautiful, but Candace is so damn cute! With Olivia gone seemingly from the geek world, I think Candace is the NEW geek goddess! To cement this she shot a Maxim layout not so long ago. Candace comes off so cute and sweet on TV, and she really tries to understand/ get into geek culture, so it is impossible not to love her. But, if you think that she is just cute, then you ain't seen her in her dom outfit. I mean DAMN!!!Sunny- Finally, last night on WWE Raw it was revealed that the gorgeous Sunny, aka Tammy Lynn Sytch, will be inducted into the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame! I gotta say her induction is the one I most excited about, at least so far. While, it can be argued that Medusa and/ or Miss Elizabeth should have been inducted first, there is no arguing the fact that DESERVES to be inducted! She was the first Diva, and even the most downloaded woman back, in the day.
Sunny worked in the WWF/E in the mid to late 90s. I twas during this time, while I was in college, that I had THE BIGGEST crush on her. I even had her Raw T-shirt and I currently own her Legends action figure (based on her Legion of Doom look). She then went on to work for WCW and ECW.
While, there were tough times for her, she looks stunning once again. And, when I met her last year at the Big Apple Con, she was a total sweetie. She told me she liked my spike bracelets. She even waved hi to me later in the day, when I was walking around with my friend Kristie. Sunny days are back! So, all hail the WWE's first, and of the greatest wrestling divas in ANY organization!! And, congrats to her for getting inducted. I will always love Sunny, and thus, so will my blog! :D

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