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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2011, pt. 2: 60-51

60. Melinda Clarke (new)- I have been a long time fan of the stunning Ms. Clarke, since she played a topless zombie in the fan favorite Return of the Living Dead pt. 3. The truth is this woman, now 42, is still as stunning as ever! I love her as evil and megabitch Amanda on Nikita. Her torture of Berkoff, seen a few weeks ago on the show, ranks as one of the series hardest moments. There is one question I have though. How come no guy wants to/ has tried to bang Amanda? I realize that relationships are frowned upon by the villains of the series, but who the hell is talking about dating her? Just saying, you know.

59. Kim Lee (last year 45)- This year Ms. Lee, still one of my favorite models, had a cameo in The Hangover II and CSI and continued to appear in countless of magazines. I just wish she would featured in more US publications, in particular the major ones.

58. Jessica Bangkok (last year 53)- Still one of the hottest, curviest, and yummiest Asians in porn, Ms. Bangkok NEVER fails to inspire happy feelings in my pants. Having seen her in January at the AEEs, I can tell you, she keeps getting hotter and hotter all the time.

57. Dana DeArmond (new)- I have been a fan of the absolutely beautiful and awesome Ms. DeArmond since she she started in the porn biz. Known as the Internet's Girlfriend (damn, that Internet is so fuckin' lucky!), she was even more gorgeous and amazing when I finally met her at this year's Exxxotica NJ. And, follow her amazing ass on Twitter, I can assure you that she always posts cool stuff and fun tweets.

56. Audrina Patridge (last year 7)- Before you get the torches and pitchforks I have to say the reason Ms. Patridge dropped so much is cause she hasn't been in public eye as much this year. Sure she has (had?) her own reality show, but I think I've talked to only one person who may have even seen it at all. That said, I still think she is one of the most truly beautiful women in the world. I hope we get a lot more of her next year.

55. Stoya (last year 34)- One of the most naturally beautiful contract stars in all of porn, Digital Playground's Stoya is always a site to behold, moreso in person. And even more amazing is seeing her acrobatic talents that she showcased in one of the burlesque shows at this year's Exxxotica NJ.

54. Katie Cassidy (last year 39)- To me Ms. Cassidy remains one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful, blonde out there. To bad this year saw her in Monte Carlo and TV shows I don't watch. Lets hope she appears in projects I am more inclined to viewing next year.

53. Kristin Adams (last year 70)- With her return to being on air on X-Play, she makes rises back up on this list. You see, she had taken some time off due to her pregnancy. It just sucks that she is not on Attack of the Show as much. She remains, to me, the most beautiful woman currently working on G4. Plus, this year saw debut her on Twitter! Yay!

52. Mika Tan (last year 49)- This year Mika left the Bunny Ranch, but still got featured in a coffee table book about call girls, i Las Vegas. She even signed copies of it, here, in NYC. I sadly missed that. But, while Ms. Tan hasn't been doing much if any porn, at all, she has been all over Twitter and Facebook. And, she remains a pleasure to follow. A sweetheart and truly one of the most stunning women to walk this Earth, I simply love her!

51. Gracie Glam (new)- Gracie has been sky rocketing in fame success this year. And, I think next year will be even better for her. In fact, I predict that she will be the big thing, replacing Tori Black in her place in the world of porn. That's what I am saying, I'm sticking to that. And, considering how beautiful she is, how good her sex performances are, and how awesome and bubbly she is person, I feel that I am completely right on this!

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