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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2011, pt. 1: 70-61

It's December which means that it is time for this blog and me to pick the 70 most beautiful women in the entertainment world. Every year this gets harder and harder (pun not intended). But, it's something I always have fun with. As always I chose from actresses (both A and B, as well as TV stars), internet personalities, porn stars, models, pop stars, metal hotties, and prowrestlers. I have long prided this list to not be like so many condescending lists of this type that over fill the net and magazines. Many overrated idiots that contaminate those ain't here. Nor should they, in my humble opinion.

I would also like to mention that it is not just looks that determines a girl's rank, but also what they have done this year. The hotter they are and the most they have acomplished the higher they rank. So, just sit back and enjoy, as I get this started already.

70. Kate Mara (new)- We open this list with this drop-dead (pun intended) gorgeous babe who plays the lead actors lover in the awesome American Horror Story. Mara's character gets snuffed and comes back as a nympho ghost! Damn is there a better kind? Unfortunately she kills those she sleeps with, who in turn become ghosts themselves. Hey, you gotta take the bad with the good right?

69. Jessica Gomes (new)- Appearing as last month's Maxim cover girl this exotic half Asian-half Portuguese Sport Illustrated babe gives me hope that there art still gorgeous super-models who don't all look the same or bore me to tears. Gomes was my Hot Asian Girl of the Month for November 2011, and it quickly topped this blog, as it's most read post. Yes, she beat out all of the porn stuff, and ain't even naked in it! That's quite an accomplishment, if you ask me!

68. Ann Marie Rios (new)- This stunning Latina porn goddess has been gaining more and more deserved popularity. Having interviewed her, I can tell you that she is a sweetheart. There is no denying that she is a complete stunner and has one heck of an amazing ass! She's great to follow online, and she's always posting hot pics of herself.

67. Kristin Bauer van Straten (last year 55)- Man, this has not been a good year for Kristin's character, Pam, on True Blood. She decayed and then got her sexy ass dissed by vampire Eric. That has to suck. And, not in the good way. But, hey she is still hot as hell! Well OK, not really when she's rotting, but you get my point.

66. Ashley Greene (last year 56)- Dear God, Ms. Greene is so fucking hot. It's too bad that she is still doing those shitty Twilight movies. Hopefully, she'll do something better soon and that involves tons of nudity!

65. Sasha Sweet (new)- This porn hottie is one of my favorites to follow on Twitter. Her tweets are fun, sexy, and smart. Plus, she's an admitted fan of Lucio Fulci and black metal. That right there is total hotness! She was at the Girls and Corpses table at AEE in Jan., but sadly I missed her. Hope not to next time! One more thing, her rack is pretty amazing!

64. Alexandra Brekinridge (new)- Oh my God! Is this woman hot or what?! Playing the younger version of the ghost maid on American Horror Story, seen only like this by men, this breath-taker has quickly become one of the biggest crushes for horror fans out there, right now. Her slutty and sexy performance is sure raise the dead and other things, too! Bonus points for a being a photographer in real life, as well!

63. Anna Paquin (last year 44)- Thank God Anna still gets naked for us on True Blood. Cause, it just adds to the awesomeness of what remains one of my personal favorite shows currently on TV. This year saw her having to choose between Eric and Bill. Hey, as long as the series remains as good as it was this season and we see her boobs, it really don't matter, that THAT much, too me, who she picks!

62. Blake Lively (new)- Gorgeous with killer legs is the best way to describe this blonde honey. While, she's been able to distract men from the torture caused by their girlfriends forcing them to watch the shit that is Gossip Girl, she managed to appear in the more guy friendly Green Lantern. That movie tanked at the box office, but if she had gotten nude, maybe it would have been a smash hit! Then again nudes of her leaked out on to the net, which one didn't have to pay to see. So maybe, this flick would have tanked regardless!

61. Debbie Rochon (new)- The reigning queen of B-horror is just as beautiful as ever. One of the nicest and most hard working people you will ever meet, it is down right near impossible to not love her. I greatly enjoyed her in the fun and gross Slime City Massacre, and she gave me a cool little interview for this site later on this year. Debbie fucking rules!


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