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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2011, pt. 3: 50-41

50. Kyanna Lee (last year 42)- Still one of my favorite babes to follow on Twitter and read her blog. Plus, she always posts hot pics of herself!

49. Eva Green (new)- One of my favorite Bond girls of all time, Ms. Green caught my attention all over again, I mean REALLY caught my attention all over again thanks to her role in Camelot this year. She plays a most evil character, but she's so hot and beautiful in it, that I kind of cheered for her, sometimes. In particular whenever she was nude, which was fairly often. Thank you, God for premium cable!

48. Kristina Rose (new)- This beautiful Latina has been gaining more and more popularity in the porn world. And, with her naturally cute boobies and AMAZING ass it is certainly not surprising to me. The lovely Ms. Rose had a blisteringly hot scene (well she had many, but this one is a personal fav of mine) with Asa Akira and a lucky dude in the way too cool and fun Pornstar Superheroes released last year. She was also really cool when I met her at this year's AEE show in Las Vegas.

47. Carol Zara (last year 30)- Fact: Carol Zara is one hot as hell Canadian/ Brazilian babe. She's also an honest to god geek goddess. Also a fact: She was at this year's New York Comic Con, and I missed her. But, she told me that she saw me! Which makes me all the more sadder for having missed her. Next time, I hope I get to meet her.

46. Kaylani Lei (last year ranked 2009- 23)- My personal favorite contract girl (Wicked in this case, of course), this beautiful Asian goddess is still staring in quality smut fare. This also marked the year that I finally met her in person. I had interviewed way back in 2008, but it was over the phone. When, I went to the AEEs this January, the one person I wanted to meet the most was her. I waited in a long line to meet her, but it was worth it. She was very sweet and friendly, as well as being absolutely stunning in person. She remembered who I was after I told her about my interview with her some years back. While, the whole experience was great, meeting her was, without a shadow of a doubt, one my fondest memories of that trip.

45. Tori Black (last year 11)- I have long declared her to be one of the most beautiful women in the whole entire world, and I stand by that firmly. She started the year with some quality porn and successful appearances at AEE and AVN. But, by the middle of the year, she was out. With a pregnancy, she made it very clear that she was done with porno. Despite that Complex magazine, on their website, declared her to be the hottest porn star right now. Which means either A. they don't do enough research or B. she's so fucking hot that even retired, she kicks the competition's ass.

44. Zooey Deschanel (last year 24)- I have to say I saw the commercials for Zooey's sitcom New Girl, and I simply didn't care to see it. Then again I don't like sitcoms, even if I do love her. But, my friends who like sitcoms didn't want to see it, either. But, it seems that people like it, well enough to mention it on my Twitter feed, anyway. Regardless, I'm still a huge fan of hers. I just hope next year brings projects with her that I actually want to watch.

43. Jesse Jane (last year 37)- This year saw the Digital Playground hottie almost retiring! Oh no! But, she extended her contract with them! Yay! Let's have some drinks and celebrate this great bit of news!

42. Tila Tequila (last year 28)- You know for a good part of this year, I hadn't heard much about the beautiful Ms. Tequila and, well, that just sucked. But, then I saw the sybian video shot of her on the Howard Stern Show and all was better with the world!

41. Brooklyn Allman (new)- Let's get the fact that this beautiful and kick ass blonde is the daughter or Gregg Allman, as one website that made a list of rock hotties felt was the only thing worth mentioning about her, out of the way. She's the lead signer of the kick ass metalcore band Picture Me Broken. Their album, Wide Awake, released last year, has been pounding out of my computer and I-Pod since I got it. Shit, I listen to the track Echoes of an Empire a bunch of times a week! She made it to Revolver's Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock this year at number 3!! She has a great on-stage persona and is really cool with her fans, as her interaction with them on sites like her Facebook proves. Of course, she is insanely gorgeous. Those stunning blue eyes, that long blonde hair, and those boobs are just sure to stop any metalhead dead in their tracks.

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