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My 5 Favorite Bars

this is my list my 5 fav bars in NYC, and why they are my fav bars. I have been to many a bar (in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and even some in Jersey), but these stand head and drunken shoulders above the rest. Drink up and enjoy!

5. Antarctica Bar- 287 Hudson Street (at Spring), New York, NY 10013
The main reason I like this bar is cause they have name night. IE, the name on the bar gets free drinks for a few hrs in the night. Sadly, they did not hook me this yr, so their stock has dropped in my eyes, but they have a decent jukebox made better by down loadable songs by bands like Slayer, Lacuna Coil, avenged Sevenfold, and Evanescence.

4. The Boulevard Tavern- 579 Meeker Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11222 nr. N. Henry St. 718-389-3252
My friends have DJed here and I (used to?) hang out around here, so this place has a special place on the list. Plus, they have metal nights every so often where the DJ has spinned stuff by Six Feet Under, Deicide, iron Maiden, Motorhead, etc. The hamburgers and BBQ are a special highlight!

3. Desmond's Tavern-433 Park Ave SNew York, NY 10016-8002Phone: (212) 684-9472
I really like this joint. After work, this place just hits the spot. the buffalo wings are great, as are the mozzarella strips. extra bonus: the little Irish, blond waitress is a cutie and after only two visits memorized my drink (in this bar it is Stella, by the way). Very relaxing atmosphere.

2. Red Bar & Lounge- 51 W. 35th St.(5th & 6th Aves.) Koreatown 212.244.4090
This where the list gets AWESOME!!!!!!!! I just hit this one last night and I LOVED it!!!!!! It is expensive and classy, but it was GREAT!!!! It was my b-day so i the WHOLE bar got hooked up with shots!! Oh, and bartenders are GORGEOUS!!!! A truly awesome bar, i will return!!!!! Extra points: they remembered our name as we left!!!! I LOVE this place!!!!!!!! GO TO THIS BAR, NOW!!!!!!!!!!

1. Duff's Bar- 28 N 3rd StBrooklyn, NY 11211Phone: (718) 302-0411
This is it. the holy grail of bars. No bar can touch it. All hail the metal mecca, not just of NY, but of the world. Bartenders Tracy and LA are THE greatest bartenders anywhere. Colin is cool, too. Owner Jimmy Duff is the man. The bar looks awesome! No hipsters! the GREATEST jukebox: Judas Priest, (old) Metallica, megadeth, Slayer, Motley Crue, Iron Maiden, Nile, Lamb of God, Behemoth, Venom, Shadows Fall, Machine Head, Fear Factory, Kiss, Sepultura, Heaven and Hell, etc. You never who will show up: Kerry King, Mistress Juilya, Peter Steele. Everyone is friendly that goes there. The drinks have great prices. THE FUCKING GREATEST BAR EVER!!!!!!! ALL HAIL!!!! HAIL!!!!!! HAIL!!!!!!