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The Latest Episode of A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila.


Last time i told you guys, that Samantha (aka Glitter Girl) was one of my fav contestants on the show. Sadly, she is now eliminated. The thing is cried. a lot. I mean she was too nice. If there is such a thing. She is too emotional. Which was her downfall on the show, but i found that to be endearing. Oh, well.

At the same time, Scotty was let go. He was told that she never sees herself crossing that friend line. This is perhaps the most dreaded thing a girl you like can tell you. I don't really care for the dude, but i kind of felt sorry for him. As a dude, if you have heard this, you just have, too.

Finally, why the hell is Jay (aka Jersey) still on there? While, all the guys are d-bags (minus George), he is the biggest tool that is still (note I said STILL) on the show. girls love assholes, I guess. and, this guys is a HUGE asshole. Oh, well. I am sure he won't win.

BTW, i still think Brittany should win, but me thinks Lisa (aka Rizzo) will win. Only time,s hall tell...

Oh, and tila is working on a relationship book. Go to her myspace and read her blog on Hooking Up with Tila. she talks about it there. I am actaully curious to read it. then again I am a huge fan so...