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Whatever Happened to: Kimona Wanalaya?

Every once in a while, I will pick a hot babe and wonder what she is up to. Sometimes, i will be able to answer it myself, sometimes, as in this case, i will not be able to. Anyways, my first babe to get this treatment is ECW/ WCW valet, the gorgeous Kimona Wanalaya.

Born Kristina Laum , in Seoul, South Korea on Nov. 23, 1976, she had a short but memorable career in the world of pro-wrestling.

She began her career as valet to Raven in ECW. There she had two memorable moments. One she danced atop of the ECW
arena and stripped. And, the other being the classically controversial lesbo angle with her and Beulah.

She would then go to Jersey All Pro Wrestling, but then return to TV in WCW valeting for the Varsity Club (Kevin Sullivan, mike Rutundo, and Rock Steiner) as the cheerleader Leia Meow. She would do stuff like jump on a trampoline, which was a total rip-off of the Man Show. But, she looked so fucking that no one, in their right mind could be complaining!

After, this she would manage the Jung Dragons(Jamie-San, Yun Yang, and Kaz Hayazhi). Shewore a dominatrix outfit and carried a riding crop! She looked so YUMMY in this outfit!!!!!! Spank me, please!!

This match has her a bunch of other WCW hotties involved:

But, alas, WCW was bought by the WWF, and Vince McMahon let her go, cause he sux! She then went to X Wrestling Federation, but when XFW was done, so was she with pro-wrestling.

According to one website she lives in Maple Shade Township, Jersey. I have no clue what she is up to, but I would love to see her return to wrestling and/ or do a Chiller convention. Either way I miss this beautiful, sexy, exotic goddess!