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My 10 Favorite Comic Book Characters

Being that the 2nd part of Wizard's 200th issue celebration featured their (kind of disappointing) list of 200 greatest comic book characters, i thought I would try something similar. Here is the difference, though. Mine are NOT the 200 greatest, but my 10 FAVS. IE, this not THE definitive list for anyone other than myself. These are my favs. You don't have to agree, or anything as your 10 favs are bound to be different from mine. I would love to here your pics, btw.

Regardless, here go mine:
1. The Punisher- ever since I was a kid The Punisher (Frank Castle) has been my fav superhero. Why? Because, if something was done to my family, I could see myself doing what he does. Unlike other heroes Castle permanently disposes of the criminal scum he meets. His brand of Justice is permanent. Crossing a line few superheroes ever would he has met and dealt punishment to drug dealers, mobsters, killers, and has even stood his ground against super-villains like Dr. Octopus, Dr. Doom, the Kingpin, etc, and even taken out low grade Marvel villains like the Jack-O-Lantern and Stilt-Man. He has had his ups and downs with other heroes in the Marvel Universe, but my fav times have always been when he and my 2nd fav hero (Spider-Man) crossed paths.

2. Spider-Man- Much like Punisher, I have always liked Spidey. his humorous one-liners were always great. He is easy for anyone whoever got picked on to connect with. Plus, he has, what is, arguably, the best rogues gallery in all of comics.

3. Batman- With no super powers, Batman is a hero that uses his mind and physical ability to beat his foes. While, he will never take a life, he will never give up his fight against crime. He lives in a world of crime and darkness. He, in fact, is a character that strikes fear into the hearts of villains. And, he has one of the greatest rogues galleries, ever!

4. Dr. Doom- the greatest villain in all of comics, is smart, dangerous, evil, vain, yet, to some weird degree, has a sense of (twisted) honor. Whatever the case maybe, he even looks cool, and he rules his own country!
5. Ghost Rider- While, there may have been two GRs, i will go for like a combo vote here. His second series went to the shitter after issue 50. But, the more recent series has redeemed the character. Either way he is my fav horror hero (and I am a horror fan, first and foremost).

6. Darksied- He is the one villain who can go toe to toe with Superman. An all powerful, unstoppable, power hungry tyrant, he rules his hell-like planet, Apocalypse, with an iron fist and is one of the world's greatest threats. All hail Darksied!

7. Wolverine- My fav mutant is a hero that plays by his own rule. One of the earliest heroes to kill, Wolvie, once he goes into berserker, you better watch your ass! He smokes, drinks, kills, fucks all the hot chicks, has a healing factor, adamantium steel-lace bones, how can you not wanna be him?

8. The Thing- One of the most tragic heroes around, he still has a great sense of humor, is immensely powerful, and belongs to my fav superhero team, ever!

9. Emma (the White Queen) Frost- Perhaps, the sexiest comic book creation ever, she is a bad girl gone good (but still bad). Is there any better kind? Too bad her action figure sucked more dick than a chick in a gang-bang flick and looked more like a crack-whore than the White Queen, herself.

10 Black Canery- She is hot, blonde, and wears stockings. Plus, she kicks ass and stars in one of my fav comics/ teams, ever: the Birds of Prey.