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Why Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Lost Skull Disappointed Me So Much

Before I start this, let me tell you that I am a huge fan of the Indiana Jones trilogy. Raiders of the Lost Ark is one my absolute fav films ever. It also has one of the greatest endings ever!

Sadly, the same can never be said about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. While, not a bad film, it is not worth the twenty year wait. The following reasons explain it all:


1. It tries to be too cute. For example, the monkey scene is terrible. really. It ain't funny. Just lame. The movie aims to be too kid friendly. And that just sux. I guess selling toys at KB and BK Kids Meals are too important for Spielberg and Lucas....

2. The CGI suck ass. For example the flesh eating ant scene could have been really intense and cool, but instead it is robbed of all it's power, by the shitty looking CGI. No excuse in a film with this budget.

3. The boring parts suck. The film slows to a halt when Indy gets captured b the villains. I fought to stay awake during this moment. At least, the following chase scene woke me up. But, really is being held prisoner by Cate Blanchett is boring, then you know the film is fucking up! by the way, Cate can hold me prisoner any time she wants!

4. Finally, the number 1 reason is aliens! I think going the sci-fi route is not interesting as the supernatural stuff from the earlier films. In fact, I think it outright sux! Hey, I like aliens and all, but not my Indy film. With cooler mysteries out there, why did they go with this crap?!

The more I think about this film, the less I like it...