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The Rambo Film Series

I have been a fan of the Rambo film series since I was a kid. To this day i am a huge fan of them and being that the latest just one just hit DVD I thought it would be perfect time to play tribute to them.
- From a critic's standpoint this might be the best film in the series. The acting is great and so is the action. Dennehy is great as the asshole cop. The movie is the most realistic of the series and is further helped by Jerry Goldsmith's excellent score. The fight scene in the police station is one of the best fights in cinema history and my fav scene in the film. In all one of my fav films around.

- I have seen this sequel a shitload of times since i was a kid. And, i owned the toys, the headband, everything. i would pretend I was Rambo, kicking bad-guy ass. But, the film itself has been a fav of mine since I was a kid. It is by and far the best of save the guys in Vietnam films. It also has some great, bloody squib work and racks up a massive body count. The hottie Asian babe played by Julia Nickson-Soul is easy on the eyes and a stunner. i wish she had done more films I like, but alas, she has done video game voices and appeared nude. Albeit in a piece of shit like Amityville Horror: The New Generation. Said film maybe the WORST in the series. But, hey she is nude.
Anways, getting back tot the film, I LOVE it when Sly mows down the bad guys in this film, and it never fails to get me pumped up. A personal fav of mine!

Somewhere, someone thought that a violent R-rated film would make for awesome toys. They were right! i had a bunch of them and loved them:

I remember little of the cartoon, and can't find non-parodies on youtube. But, i did find this:

- easily the worst in the series, it is not a horrid film, but rather one that feels inferior to the others. The plot of him helping the Afghans is dated and seems weird in todays world. An overall disappointment.

- the latest film is my absolute fav in the series, and my fav film of the year, so far. In fact, i think it is one of the best American action films, ever. The violence is bloody and brutal.

One of the things i liked about this film is that it made me think of the Burma people and their plight. Truth be told I had no idea about it. With the recent disaster over there, this bought back to my head. When, Rambo takes out the bad guys, they really get what they deserve, and boy do they!
I recently picked up the DVD and it is great! Ont only does the film look and sound amazing, but the extra features are awesome. Hearing how Stallone was Rambo while making this film was great. Plus, there is stuff on the weapons, the shoot, the real problems in Burma, etc. are all excellent. One of the best DVD releases, so far, this year!


Bobby said...

I love all the Rambo movies for different reasons. Even the third one is fun if incredibly dated. The new one kicks so much ass! Classic.

Giovanni Deldio said...

Awesome to see a fellow Rambo fan!