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Tila Tequila: Lesbian Love

Usually, I could give a shit about celebs and their love lives and whatnot. But, this is Tila, and if you are a faithful reader of mine you should know how much I love her. Besides, since I dedicated so much time to her reality show, I figured this was a good update.

She has some new girlfriend. She looks sort of like Kim Kardashian. Anyways, the paparazzi took some video of them and here it is:

I know lame celeb vids pop all the time. When, will we get a lesbian Tila video pop up? You know so that way I could actually give a flying fuck about the vid. By they way, how nice a person is Tila that she is cleaning this girl's ass? She is a wonderful human being. God bless her!

Don't know if this was a pointless blog, but hey it is an excuse to post hot pics of her and shit. So, why complain?