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Battlestar Galatica- The Greatest Sci-Fi Show Ever!

Man, I only recently got into this AMAZING sci-fi show. Why? Did it take, yours truly, so long? Well, I never liked the original show. I always thought, even as a kid, that it was a piece of shit (sorry to any fans out there, but that is my opinion). So, cut to the present, with too much free time and other reasons, I decide that I wanna finally wanna check what the hype for this show is all about. Behold, they have season 1, 2.0, and 2.5 for 20 bucks each at Circuit City last month. So, I cave in and get them.

Having just finished season 1 , as well as sn 2.0 , and currently into season 2.5 , I can tell you that this show owns! It is worth every bit of hype that it gets. Gone is the cheese and lameness of the original (I know, I know it has it's fans, but I just told you I ain't one of them!).

It is much darker, violent, sexy, and deeper than that show could ever dream of being. It touches on so many subjects: life, religion, war, what it is to be human, I mean jeez, this show is perfect! The characters are complexly written and so is what happens around them. Despite the sci-fi trappings it is a drama first and foremost. A human drama, that I have become completely obsessed with. In fact, I find myself thinking about this show, and waht happens in it, quite often. Beyond the adjectives I just gave to you, I can add involving, uplifting, powerful, inspiring. This is the only sci-fi show that I have ever cried or been shocked, or been disgusted by the actions of the characters. And, many of those characters are not even Cylons!

The story, I will sum it up for you. Humans are at war with the Cylons . We made them, but now they have evolved and made themselves look and feel like humans . The Galatica looks to find the mythological planet known as Earth. All the while, evading and defeating the Cylons. I ain't telling you anything else. Go see it for yourself.

The cast is amazing , and their acting is excellent. I have long been a fan of Edward James Olmos and he is fucking awesome in this show. His character (Commander Adama) is one of my five fav characters in the show. Who is my fav? I'll answer that in a few seconds.

The visual style of the series is great, and it all helps to keep the show grounded in reality. I like the fact that they use bullets, as opposed to laser fire. Not only does it make for messier violence (in a show that is pretty violent and intense for TV, no less), but, well like I said before, it keeps all more real.

OK, so I know that you are saying, "Wait, this is the Master, and yet, he is not talking about how hot the babes are in this show. " Well, of course, I am gonna discuss that! Like I said the show is a lot sexier than the old show ever was. I know Tricia Helfer gets a lot of press. Now, she is fucking hot and all and is very sexy, seductive, and deadly in her role as Cylon Six who has a relationship with a human Dr. Baltar. She was also in Playboy . But, personaly speaking, my fav babe is Grace Park . She plays Sharon "Boomer" Valeri, who is also a Cylon (God, they really make them hot, don't they? ), but her character is very complex. As are her relationships with others. And, that answers the question of who is my fav character. It is Boomer! She was recently in Complex (ahh, coincidence, considering, what I just said) magazine and looked AMAZING in it . Truth be told Grace is one of the hottest women that ever lived.

Anywho, I know this 4th season will be the last one, but let me finish watching the rest of the show befoe I get to that. Till, then, I hope you fans keep watching, and that I may have convinced another of you guys, much like I was, to view this modern masterpiece. For this is THE greatest sci-fi show, ever!