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This movie comes from Noboru Iguchi. He is the director of the fucking awesome Machine Girl. Anywho, that film's beautiful star Asami plays a guy named Sukeban, who was born with girlish features. Yes, a hot chick plays a dude who looks like a chick. Those crazy Japanese! Anyways, since he keeps getting expelled, he ends up a an all girl's school. Much body mutation gore and nudity ensues! Yay! A film filled with naked Japanese school girls!

I ain't seen it yet, but the single greatest horror website EVER, the Gorezone, reports that will be out on region 1 DVD on September 28th. You can bet your ass I will get this!

Anyways, here is the trailer. But, be warned. It ain't safe for work or for the easily offended (by the way, if you are the later, why would you be reading my blog to begin with?), as it includes naked cuties. Enjoy: