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Whatever Happened to Syren?

Gorgeous adult film star Syren was born May 21 in the Philippines. She is 29 years old.

I first saw Syren on Playboy's Nightcalls 411 a few years back for a special episode dedicated to Asian beauties. I was captivated by her beauty sexiness. It was one, of their hottest episodes, I think.

Still, I had not really seen much else of her and, in recent years heard, even less about her. So, I thought she may have retired. Well, having recently bought No Man's Land: The Asian Edition 2 , an all girls film she stared in a few years back, I decided to do some research. Oh, by the way, I promise to review this one, when I am done with it.

She is still doing porn and in The Rage of Bonan , she does her first boy-girl scene in three years! So, she has been only doing girls for those three years. Hey, I love lesbians, so I ain't complaining.

Here is a interview with the lovely Syren. BONUS! Also, an interview with the absolutely gorgeous Katsumi . Oh, yeahs some how Godzilla is in this, too!

She does not like to do anal, from what I have heard, but she is a trained dancer. Whatever the case maybe, I am glad to know she is still working. Syren is a truly stunning beauty. Her exotic looks and smoking body make her a sight to behold. She is underrated, but hopefully, this blog will at least gain her a few new fans amongst my readers.