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The 5 Most Disturbing Movies Ever

While movie can entertain by being fun, exciting, sexy, or perhaps be touching or romantic, some films choose not to be any of these things. Instead they aim to disturb, shock, horrify, to get under your skin. These movies stay in one's subconscious well after the film has stopped. They never get easy to watch and probably not the best films to show that hot girl you bought over your house (unless she is into this type of stuff, in which case you may wanna consider marrying her).

The following list includes the five, in ascending order, of the absolute most brain and soul searing of them all:

5. - Memento meets I Spit on Your Grave, this "thinking man's" rape revenge film is notorious and shocking, yet highly respected and rightfully so. Beautifully shot and wonderfully acted, it is all horrifically violent and brutal. And, Monica Belluci's rape scene is as harrowing a scene as they come. A masterpiece that you need to see, but with caution, of course.

4. - It's funny, make-up master Tom Savini hated this film, when it came out. Highly controversial and totally misogynistic, he condemned the film. But, as time passed and it achieved cult status, he went on to do DVD running commentary and such. Whatever the case maybe, Maniac remains one of the nastiest psycho films ever made. What really makes this film so horrific is the fact that it is all told from this sick serial killer's perspective. Savini's realistic, ultra-violent effects consists mostly of violence against women, as this sicko (excellently played by Joe Spindell), who goes around brutally offing women, scalping them, and using their hair as wigs for the mannequins he keeps at home.

3. - Featuring what is inarguably the single, most harrowing rape scene, this movie, perhaps the most well-known rape-revenge film, ever, spawned lots of controversy and uproar. Equally reviled as it is hailed, this movie has been berated as the sleaziest of exploitation by some, but also praised as a feminist empowerment movie, by others. I feel the movie is the later, but the rape scene is never, ever easy to watch. It is unforgettable and stays with you long after the last reel. But, on the plus side, it is because of the brutality of this moment that one cheers Jennifer (Camille Keaton, grand-nice of Buster Keaton) as she exacts her revenge on the scumbag rapists.

2. - This German shocker is some weird combination of art-house film, sleaze, and ultra-gory, low budget horror. A dude and his chick get into necrophilia, but when she leaves him, he continues his downward spiral adding murder to corpse fucking. Extremely graphic and horrifying, the movie manages to repulse like few can. The corpse fucking, extreme gore, and the unforgettable, jaw-dropping ending manage to stay lashed on to your brain. Not for everyone, but recommended to those who dare to thread in this territory.

1. - Now, I consider myself, as hardcore a horror fan as they come. And, I have seen more movies than I can ever count, but despite this all, this remains king. No movie is more shocking, horrific, brutal, nasty, vile, or downright disturbing than Ruggero Deodato's classic of Italian cannibalism. Never, ever easy to watch the movie still shocks and repels no matter what you have seen before hand or how many viewings you give it. The repulsive, reprehensible, and unnecessary, very real violence against animals is it's gravest atrocity. But, even devoid of that, it still is a dark, bleak movie that harbors some of the most nasty images ever put to celluloid. The images of cannibalism, rape, the village being burned, the infamous stake up the ass out the mouth, and the truly nihilistic climax deliver a gut punch that is equivalent to the incredible Hulk, himself, giving it you at full strength. No doubt about it, THIS is THE single most disturbing film, I have ever seen and perhaps ever made.