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Slant Eye for the Straight Guy 2

Slant Eye for the Straight Guy 2
Studio: 3rd Degree
Cast: Kaiya Lynn, Taya Cruz, Roxy Jezel, Gianna Lynn, Stephanie Thai, Michele Maylene

This gonzo film has a simple enough of an idea. Hot Asian porn stars get fucked. Do you need anything more, really?

The first scene has the absolutely beauitful Roxy Jezel. This amazing blonde Asian is a total heartbreaker and her scene will make you rip your pants. It starts off pretty hot and ends nicely with a money-shot to her pretty face.

Next up is the exotic Michele Maylene. Maylene has a great body and beautiful legs. I would have prefered a facial, but the shot on her chest is still pretty sexy, thanx to her scorching attitude. She licks her fingers after rubbing the cum on her chest! Total wife matriel, if you ask me!

The thrird scene is the best one. Pretty Taya Cruz and smokingly hot and sexy Stephanie Thai both share some lucky dude. It's a hot, hot scene that may make you run through a whole box of tissues! The fianle with girls sharing his load, while kissing is too hot for words! By the way, after this scene I am a defintley a fan of Ms. Stephanie Thai!

The second best scene comes from the gorgeous cover girl, Gianna Lynn. As you loyal readers know, I am a HUGE fan of hers. She is not only the most beautiful girl, in this amazing cast, but one of the sexiest and most beautiful women, I have ever seen. Anywho, the opening few minutes of this scene, as we are introduced to her are smoldering enough to make tissue box sales sky-rocket. By the end, the facial will have you buying all the tissue at your local CVS.

The movie ends with a fucking bang. Kaiya Lynn is so sexy that it might as well be a crime. She gets it good and ends with a cream-pie. She then proceeds to lick it off of her fingers after sticking them in there! Amazing!

This is one of the best, sexiest, scorching, and fucking hot Asian pornos, I have ever seen. It is also pretty sleazy and dirty, but hey, this is a fucking porno! What the fuck do you want? Romance? Sweetness? The girls are gorgeous, the sex smoldering, the movie a must buy. That's all you fucking need to know.

The disc has a two-sided cover. One with PG-rated pics, thew other side has has X-rated pics. As far as extras go it comes with a decent behind the scenes, that has the girls been photographed. It also comes with a photo gallery, my fav of which was, no shocker here I am sure, is Gianna's. There are also some trailers from a bunch of 3rd Degree pornos. None of which I care to ever see, or interest me anywhere as much as this fucktastic film did.

4 out of 4 Woodies