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Horror Crush: Jenny Neumann

I've been a on a kick of inducting ladies into the Horror Crushes section, as I been enjoying doing just that. I hope that I continue to do so as 2023 rolls on. And, today I am inducting an absolute blonde stunner, a dream girl come true if you will: the gorgeous Jenny Neumann!

Neumann studied acting at UCLA in the 70s and made her acting debut in Mistress of the Apes (1978). But, her first horror role would come two years later.

That film is the one that inspired me to induct her, the Australian slasher flick: Nightmares (1980). It's also known as Stage Fright and is not to be confused with the 1983 anthology flick Nightmares or the awesome Michelle Soavi giallo Stage Fright. This one deals Cathy (Neumann), who as a little girl watched her mom fuck and mess around with some dude. She accidently cause the car crash in which they both die. Now, she is a gorgeous but sexually repressed actress. And, soon people start dying around her.

It may lack in the suspense and logic departments, but it is still a decent little flick that takes inspiration from American slashers and the Italian giallo. I go further into my thoughts on this film in my review of it. As far as Nuemann, she is really fun to watch, as she has this great, wild look in her eyes. She is also genuinely likable in the role, even when it comes off as over-the-top. She looks breathtaking in her beauty, which certainly doesn't hurt.

A year later, in 1981, she would appear in her next and final horror movie, Hell Night. It's a surprisingly good slasher about a group of college kids staying in a creepy, old house as part of a fraternity hazing. It's got some likable characters and is a really good looking flick with some genuine tension. The flick also has a great climax and stars some lovely ladies. Among them is Linda Blair as the final girl and, of course, Neumman, who plays mean girl May. She ends up losing her head.


One cool thing, is that she appeared in the extra features to Scream Factory's awesome Blu-ray, released a couple of years ago. She still looked beautiful!

She did appear on both "V" and V: The Final Battle (1983 & 84) as good alien Barbara. While, it is definitely not horror, it does feature evil aliens disguised as humans, scared the fuck out of me as a kid, and serves as an excuse to post pics of her in her bra.

Neumann would soon retire and turned to writing instead. Her career was short, and I certainly wish she had done more. But, with her appearances in two slasher movies and her absolutely stunning beauty, it is clear that she is a great addition to Horror Crushes!